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Hey guys!

I’m getting the feeling that I’m not going to be getting any better at Blogtober, because I’m always running out of time to do things. However I still want to write as much as possible, so bare with me if I don’t post everyday! 

So because I’m quite busy today, and now is the only time I have to post, I thought I would just do a quick update of what’s been going on!

I had to be on campus this morning for 7, to start setting up for the open day. It was pretty much the same as we did last week- I started off directing people and then moved onto accommodation  tours after my break. What made the day even better was that someone brought their dogs to the open day, and they were these two border collies and they were so cute. Dogs always make open days better!

Now I am at my friend’s house because it is one of their birthdays today, so we are going out to the pub in a bit. It’s been so nice seeing them again because they’re the people I lived with last year and although they only live five minutes away from me, I haven’t been able to see them very much since I’ve been back. 

Tomorrow I might be going swimming with a different friend of mine, and then I am going to my friends rehearsal for her open project for performing arts. So I’m going to be quite busy over the weekend!

Unfortunately that’s all I’ve got time for, but hopefully I will have another good enough Blogtober post soon!

-The Storyteller


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