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Managing Your Time at Uni

Hey guys!

Again, I’m sorry about not posting anything yesterday! I got busy and then the Apprentice was on and then it was 10pm and then I was tired and then I went to bed, so… yeah. That’s what happened.

But today I am BACK with another university related post, about my top three tips on how you can best manage your social and work life balance whilst at university. I’m a second year student now, and I would by no means say that I am a pro when it comes to managing my time, but I can give you some tips which might help- some are things that I do, some are things my friends do, and some are things I’ve read about online and said to myself that I should do them, but usually just end up forgetting about them!

  1. Get a diary – a calendar will also do, and personally I prefer calendars because they are right there in front of you and you don’t have to flick through pages. Either way, having something to write down all of your assignment deadlines, when your lectures are, when your societies are is a great way to manage your time, because then you can see how things will fit into your daily routine, and whether or not it’s worth doing a certain society, for example.
  2. Your degree comes first – If you keep this in mind throughout your time at university, things should be a bit easier. Although in most cases your first year is kind of a “practice year”, and all you need to do is pass it, it’s a good idea to try and get the best grades possible, to set you up for your second and third year (or maybe even your fourth year). If you have an essay to do, make sure you allocate some time to that before going out with friends, even if it’s just half an hour of reading and making notes, or planning what you might put into it.
  3. Getting a job – Obviously having a job is important at university, because your student loan won’t cover everything. However, make sure that if you do get a job, it doesn’t completely take up the spare time you have that should be spent studying. If you get a job, make sure it’s a part time job- I would recommend working up to once or twice a week, depending how busy you are, because you should be spending time on assignments when you’re free. Working for the university is a good option, because they will give you shifts around your studies, and won’t usually be mad at you if you need someone to cover your shift because you have something due in the next day.

So those are pretty basic ways of managing your time at university, but I think as long as you can keep to these, then you’ll be set! I know they’re simple, but if you keep these things in mind when you go to university, at least it’s a start.

-The Storyteller


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