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The Get to Know Me Tag

Hey guys!

I saw on Holly’s blog (The Nut Free Nerd) yesterday that she had done a “Get to Know me Tag”, which looked really fun and as Blogtober is a good way to meet new bloggers, I thought it would be a good idea for a post, rather than me ranting on about university all the time! So, let’s get started!


Name: Janet

Nickname: I actually have three nicknames! They include Damn it/Dammit Janet, Savage and Potato… don’t ask…

Star Sign: Capricorn

Occupation: Student


Hair Colour: Light brown

Hair Length: I’d say kind of mid-length?

Eye Colour: Green/blue

Best Feature: My smile (cheesy, I know!)

Braces: I had braces when I was 15/16

Piercings: I have one pair of earrings, but I did get my seconds done a couple of years ago and I think one got infected so I gave up on that one…

Tattoos: Not currently but I’m interested in getting one (or two) in the future!

Right or Left Handed: Right handed


Best Friend: My first best friend was a girl in my first primary school, but when I moved to Devon we lost contact after a few years.

Award: Do Brownie badges count? It was probably one of them, or maybe something from school (which probably would have just been a certificate for taking part!)

Real Holiday: Being half South African means I get to visit family every summer, so my first real holiday would have been one of the trips back when I was maybe three or four years old? It was a long time ago…

Concert: This one I remember well! I saw James Morrison when I was thirteen (I think) and he was performing literally just down the road from us. It was a great night!


Film: That’s a hard one, and I usually go about this question by putting them into categories. My favourite Disney film is Tangled, but my favourite sci-fi is District 9. My film taste varies massively…

TV Show: At the moment my favourite show is American Horror Story. 

Colour: Purple? I think? I don’t really have a favourite colour!

Song: Currently anything from the Hamilton musical!

Restaurant: I think this really depends on what I’m feeling, but I love going to Nando’s, Pizza Express, and Yo! Sushi!

Shop: Waterstones, obviously.

Shoes: Anything that’s comfy really! Although I did get these gorgeous heels in South Africa. They’re the chunky ones and they’re so comfortable, but where I live is filled with hills so I’m scared to walk to lectures wearing them in case I trip…


Feeling: Like I should get on with reading for my lecture tomorrow…

Single or Taken: Taken (sorry lads!)

Eating: Nothing at the moment, but I’m having a roast with the BF later so it’s all good!

Watching: Disney’s Robin Hood

Wearing: My Slytherin t-shirt and Mickey Mouse jumper from Primark, black jeans, and my favourite purple slipper boots. (THEY’RE SO FLUFFY!)

The Future…

Children: Maybe? I’ll decide that nearer the time though!

Marriage: Sure!

Careers: I’d love to be able to travel with my work, that would be the dream!

Where you want to live: Hmm… I’m not really sure? There are so many places I want to visit, such as South America, Japan, and Australia (to name a few) but I’d like to visit the place first before deciding if I want to live there. I wouldn’t mind living somewhere in Europe though. Maybe France? Or maybe Belfast because it’s so beautiful there.

I Tag…

I am going to leave this tag open for anyone who wants to do it! It was fun and I recommend it, so make sure you do! If you’ve read this far, you may as well continue the tag tradition!

-The Storyteller

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