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Open Days!

Hey guys!

I’m really sorry about not posting yesterday, after doing so well during the first week of Blogtober… The reason I didn’t write anything yesterday was because I was working at my first open day of the year, and my first open day as a student ambassador! Last year I worked as a tour guide, and the main difference between being a tour guide and being a student ambassador (apart from the pay) is that being a student ambassador means you have more roles to do. On open days, you may have to be working at registration, or at the car parks, or maybe pointing people in the right direction, and you may even get to do a few tours here and there.

I realised how much I enjoyed tour guiding last year yesterday because for the first four and a half hours I was standing and giving directions to people and talking to students and parents, and generally being helpful. (At least I hope I was being helpful…) As it was my first time being an ambassador, I was shadowing a girl called Lucy who was nice and easy to get along with too. At around midday we had a lunch break, and luckily the food was supplied for us so we got a free lunch! And it meant I didn’t have to spend any money yesterday, because I had some pasta in the cupboard and some pesto I had to use up, so that was my meal sorted when I got back.

Anyway, I’m going majorly off topic now. After we had eaten, Lucy was going to do accommodation tours, which she had never done before but I had, so I happily went over to where the tours were taking place, and that was kind of the last I saw of Lucy. But I’m sure I’ll see her next weekend because we have three open days this October. (So if you’re interested in coming to the University of Winchester, make sure you book now!) I only did two tours, but because there were so many ambassadors working yesterday, and so many people, it made sense that we had to wait around for a bit. There was a guy in my second group who wants to study either English Literature or a combination of English and creative writing, so I told him a bit about what I did in the course last year, and that I was able to do a couple of creative writing modules last year even though I’m doing English with American literature. It was nice to finally meet someone else who does English literature, or who is interested in it, because surprisingly, I didn’t meet many people who wanted to study it, even though it’s a popular course!

Unfortunately it did start raining quite a lot during my second tour, but that didn’t stop anyone, and the day went quite well, I think. It was a different experience being a student ambassador, but I definitely miss doing tours, and talking to people about my experience. Not that I want to sound like I talk about myself all the time, but that’s something prospective students and parents look for. You have to be honest and personal, and tell them what it’s been like for you (and promote the university as much as possible, which is easy for me considering I’m enjoying myself so much here).

So that is my reason for not posting anything yesterday! I also went out to a Disney Party on Friday night, and I went as Marie from the Aristocats, and I went to bed at about 2am, which would have been fine if I wasn’t getting up at 6am… to be on campus for the open day at 7.15am… But I’m not going out for the next two Friday’s, so the next two open days will be fine, I’m sure of it!

-The Storyteller


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