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One Month Later…

Hey guys!

Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of when I moved into my new house! It’s been a crazy month so far, but I’m proud that our small abode has become something that is actually livable now!

You’ll possibly remember that I wrote post after our first week of being back in Winchester living in our new house and I also gave you a room tour when I felt my room was tidy enough to show you all! But now I wanted to talk more about how things have improved over the last month and one day.

I love my room, because it faces the back of the house and it gets the most sun, making it the warmest room in the whole house! If I have to get up early, I can simply open my curtains and there will almost certainly be a beautiful sunrise, so it will make those early starts worth it! Especially now that winter is coming, it’s nice to have the warmest room in the house because it’s less cold! It sounds really obvious but it definitely makes all the difference!

In the last month, I applied for countless jobs, and I now officially have one job, and tomorrow morning I have an interview for another job! Both of these are on campus so that makes my life a bit easier, because I won’t have to walk an extra ten minutes into town everyday, and it also means that they are more likely to give me flexible hours around my course. (Which, at the end of the day, is my highest priority!) If you’re at university looking for a job, I would definitely recommend looking at what employment the university has to offer- you can always talk to the careers advisers, because they are always full of information!

There are still some things which haven’t been sorted out, such as my broken chest of drawers, and the one broken drawer on my desk so that’s not ideal, but I’m hoping that something will get arranged really soon! I don’t want to be living out of my suitcase until Christmas… Plus I would have more space in my room if I was able to put my huge suitcase under my bed with everything else and out of the way, and I wouldn’t have to keep stepping over it to get to my t-shirts! (Which I’ve put in the top drawer which is currently sitting on the top.)

Lectures started a couple of weeks ago now, and next week will be the start of week three, and that means I have three weeks until my first essay is due! That’s really scary to think about! I am quite worried about this year, because it counts towards my degree and a lot of people have said that quite often, your first essay or assignment will be marked quite low because lecturers are expecting essays that aren’t of the standard of a first year… And there’s also the fact that I haven’t written an essay since May! No pressure…

So that’s all I have to say about the last month… things are looking up but things are getting serious. I think that’s a good summary!

-The Storyteller


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