Hey guys!

I’m already busy and it’s only day three of Blogtober… Am I psychic or what? Not all of the things I’ve been up to are all course related but most of them are university related. This morning I had a group interview for the student ambassador role which I think went quite well, but I’m going to find out about that tomorrow afternoon/evening, when they’ve finished with all the other group interviews.

Speaking of interviews, I have ANOTHER interview on Friday at 11.30am, for the catering department at the university, so that will basically involve serving food etc. It may not be the most glamorous job, but I need a job and it’s another thing I can add to my CV! And it’s experience too. So I need to confirm the time and then I will be having another interview this week… it’s scary but exciting too, because I wrote a post about looking for a job, so maybe now I will have two, if all goes well! And then I’ll be able to pay my rent!

Today is particularly busy, and I’m fitting this post in between my lecture, cooking and eating food, and then going off to my first proper Let’s Glee session, because I missed last week as I was ill. I’m looking forward to it, because it’s one of the societies I enjoy the most! But, I am also going out tonight to an event called “Detention” at the SU, which I’ve always enjoyed, because they play alternative rock music and it’s always a good night out. It’s every other Monday, so I won’t always be this stressed! We can also ignore the fact that I have a 9am tomorrow morning… studying Chaucer…

I know this was a bit of a rushed post, but at least I haven’t missed anything yet! To be fair I nearly missed today’s post because everything has suddenly gotten on top of me but I’m here now. I have conquered today’s challenge. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

-The Storyteller


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