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Challenging Yourself

Hey guys!

So, the point of “Blogtober” is to challenge yourself. You need to set yourself a daily challenge of writing a blog post each day for the entirety of October. I think it is quite a big challenge if you’re only used to writing once or twice a week, but at the same time, you get such a great feeling of accomplishment at the end, which is why I decided to do it this year.

But it got me thinking about other challenges in life which we all face everyday, and how different these challenges can be but they can affect us in the same way- if we manage to overcome this challenge, there is a sense of achievement that we have been able to make it through to the end. Even if the said challenge isn’t a nice one, or the outcome isn’t what we hoped, when it is over there will be that sense of relief, but also in the long term it will be something to look back on, and you can know that you’ve been through something like that.

That sounds very vague but I hope you kind of get what I mean?

The biggest challenge I faced last year were my A-levels. 2015 was probably the worst year of my life (at least the first nine months were), because I was so stressed with my subjects, the idea of not getting the grades to go to university, and then having to think of an alternative if I didn’t go to university. Luckily it all worked out for the best, and although I didn’t get into either my first or second choices of university, I got a place at Winchester through clearance, and I couldn’t be happier. (You can read more about that here or here) It showed me that things happen for a reason, and if I didn’t have that challenge of getting into university in the first place, if it had been an easy ride, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.

Being at university is a challenge in itself, because you’re most likely away from friends and family for the first time ever and you need to make new friends, go to new classes, and discover a new place. But this shouldn’t be something that scares you- it should encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and do new things which you may not have thought of doing if you had stayed at home. Obviously it is a scary time- I was so ready to go to university, and then when my mum and sister left it hit me that I was on my own and I felt quite lost. I was also lodging for the first few weeks, rather than being in halls (thanks, clearance) so I didn’t have that initial connection with other students straight away. But I put myself out there, I went to events, I signed up for societies, and before I knew it I had a group of friends! But you need to be able to push yourself! You can do it! Be positive!

Of course there are many other challenges in life than university- some bigger, some smaller, but whatever it is there is only one way forward, and although we may not know what the outcome will be, we just need to keep moving and eventually it’ll work itself out!

I hope this post made sense, and was maybe even a little bit inspirational? Let me know in the comments! All for now!

-The Storyteller


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