Lin Manuel Miranda: My Inspiration

Hey guys!

Today I was asked who inspired me, and my answer was Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of the Hamilton Musical. If you’ve been following my blog for the past six months or so, you’ll know I have an unhealthy obsession with Hamilton, and I have no shame in admitting that. But part of the reason why I love it so much is because of Miranda’s dedication to creating this masterpiece, and I can’t see why he wouldn’t be inspiring.

First of all, there’s the fact that the whole musical took seven years to go from being an idea, to being on stage. That’s seven years! That’s about the same amount of time we spend in high school. In that time, one man came up with and wrote an entire musical. If it was me, I would get impatient, I would get irritated, I would lose hope because it’s such a long time for something to get started like that, and now Hamilton is one of the most popular shows on Broadway, it is now showing in Chicago, and it is finally coming to the UK next year on the West End.

I like to think I am a dedicated person, but when I look at someone like Miranda, it kind of puts my idea of “dedication” to shame. He is dedicated to things in the long term, and he is ambitious, and creative, and he must have so much self belief, and self motivation because if he didn’t have any of those things, I don’t know how he would be able to keep going with it. I think I have some of these qualities, but not necessarily in the long term. I’m dedicated to things like my old swimming club, but I know I can’t stay dedicated to it forever, because I’m not going to be living in that town for the rest of my life. I would say that I am ambitious, but I am very much afraid of failure, and this sometimes puts me off doing things that I want to do.

But when you look at someone like Miranda, and how far his dream has come, you think, “well sure, he must have had moments of doubt because he’s human.” Which is true, I’m sure he did have moments of doubt. Apparently the songs Alexander Hamilton, the opening number, and My Shot took one year to write each. So two of the seven years spent writing the musical, were spent writing two of the best songs. This guy clearly wanted this to be good. And it shows that he must be a bit of a perfectionist, and that he is a true artist, especially when you compare him to some of the singers we get nowadays who have people write their songs for them in a week.

I would love to be like Miranda one day, with the same amount of determination, the same amount of ambition, and to be confident in my dream. I don’t really know what my dream is right now, but once I work that out, I don’t want to be afraid of chasing it and achieving it.

I’d be interested to know who inspires you. Leave a comment below, or better yet, why not write your own post about it?

-The Storyteller


2 thoughts on “Lin Manuel Miranda: My Inspiration”

  1. Great post! I’m also inspired by Lin. It’s taken me two years to even write the first 1k words of my novel! If you get a chance, you should see his first show, In The Heights, in London! 🙂

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