Move In Weekend!

Hey guys!

I have been very busy this weekend, as it was the fresher’s move in weekend, and as I volunteered to be part of Fresher’s Crew, so we helped move in all the new fresher’s for this year into their flats. As I said it’s volunteer work, so I didn’t get paid for it, but when you’ve been on your feet for three hours on Saturday and a further nine hours on Sunday… your feet hurt a lot and your arms and legs ache… Also, there were also Housing Helpers there whose job is to help people move in (and they’re actually paid for it), although it felt a lot like the Fresher’s Crew helpers were doing a bit more than the Housing Helpers… maybe because there were more of us, but yeah.

Also, fun story, last night I set my alarm for 7.30am, so that I would have a good hour to get ready, but then because I was tired, I set the date for Saturday instead of Sunday, because for some reason I thought that yesterday was Friday, so then I woke up at 8.10am and got ready in fifteen minutes. It turned out I was ten minutes early anyway, so there wasn’t any need for much of a rush!

I kind of feel like the Fresher’s Crew people are more important (obviously I would say that), because the Housing Helpers just get paid to help on the move in weekend. Fresher’s Crew actually have to hang around for the entirety of Fresher’s Fortnight, and we’re at all of the events in our orange t-shirts, both day events and evening events, as well as being around to help out during enrollment and other important things like that. This means that if we work at evening events, such as parties, we have to remain 100% sober for the whole night, which isn’t really much of a problem for me because I’m not a huge drinker anyway, but tomorrow I’m going to be helping out at Battle of the DJ’s, and it’s not really my thing so… I’m just gonna have to be extra energetic tomorrow evening. Also, I’m working from 8pm-1am, so that’s going to be fun!

Then on Wednesday I’m going to be back on campus from 9-12 “queue chatting” while people wait in the lines for enrollment, so that shouldn’t be too bad because I’m good at talking to people anyway, and maybe I can persuade some of the fresher’s to join the societies that I’m in… I know I’m going to be shamelessly promoting everything and anything, and encouraging them all to go to all the parties and to sign up for everything at Fresher’s Fair, because although they will be bombarded with emails from all the societies they’ve signed up for for the next two weeks, it’ll be worth it in the end because they may discover something that they didn’t know they liked.

Which brings me onto Fresher’s Fair. Here’s the thing. I have to be there from like 7.30am or something, but the problem is that I really want to go to the Full Moon party the night before which ends at 4am. Obviously I’m not going to be staying right until 4am, but if I’m with the right people I’ll probably stay around until like 1am or something like that, which means I’ll get home at about 1.3oam and I’ll probably only get into bed at around 2am, and I’m going to need to give myself an hour and a half to get ready and walk back to campus the next morning, so I’m going to have to wake up at 6am, giving me four hours of sleep… and when I’m working at Fresher’s Fair, our shifts end at like 6pm or something like that so… I’m going to have to think this one through. However, the events are aimed at the fresher’s and so they have priority when it comes to tickets, so if I do decide to go I’ll have to get a ticket on the door, if they have any left.

So that is my week! It’s been a busy weekend, but my actual week ahead isn’t too hectic. Also, we get “volunteer points”, so we get one point for every three hours of volunteering we do, and I’m aiming to get ten points so I can get a free ticket to the summer ball, because I didn’t go last year and the tickets are expensive, so at least if I later decided I didn’t want to go, at least I haven’t wasted a good ยฃ20 on a ticket!


Anyway, I’d better be off. It’s been a long day and I have several errands to get done tomorrow (including going into town and questioning the estate agents as to why we still haven’t got an inventory list and why they still haven’t sorted out my broken chest of drawers).


2 thoughts on “Move In Weekend!”

  1. Ohmygod, you’re so busy! It sounds like you’re going to be incredibly helpful, so I’m sure you’re appreciated, but that doesn’t make you less tired ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck for the rest of the week!

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