New House: One Week Later

Hey guys!

Again, I am really sorry about the lack of good quality posts recently. We are still having a few troubles with our house, even though the problems we have now are smaller and fewer than the ones we had before. Our wifi box arrived on Tuesday and we set it up correctly, and called the number to activate it, but we still couldn’t get any wifi. So we called the helpline and they didn’t really do much. Then my housemate’s dad came over that evening and discovered we had a problem with our internet connection… and we were told that the earliest a technician could come and help us was the 5th October… Not helpful!

So at the moment the wifi is our biggest problem, but luckily (and finally) the guy came to clear away our rubbish from the front garden. He was supposed to be there early last week, and then we were told he would be there on Friday, then Thursday, then Friday again and then Monday… then he came on Tuesday, discovered that there was too much rubbish and came on Wednesday morning instead. But at least it’s gone now!

We are getting there, slowly. Overall the house is looking so much better than what it was, and it actually looks habitable now. It’s a lot easier going out and doing things without having to worry about things at the house which we shouldn’t be worrying about anyway. Today I had my Fresher’s Crew training, as I am helping out with the Move In Weekend this coming weekend, and also I will be helping out with enrolment, and also at some of the day and evening events throughout fresher’s fortnight, but I think it will be a good experience getting to know the new first years, and also I can give them knowledge about how I went through things, and I can give them my own first hand experience in settling into university life.

I’m also excited because although I don’t get paid, we get “volunteer points”, and for every three hours we do, we get one point. I am aiming to get ten points to be able to get a summer ball ticket,ย which are probably the more expensive tickets to buy.

*queue fire alarm*

Where was I? Summer ball. I didn’t go last year, because firstly, the tickets were quite pricey, and also I didn’t really have anyone to go with so I just thought I’d go next year instead. I mean, Cascada was there which was cool, I guess, but I was never a huge fan of hers anyway so I don’t really feel like I missed out too much! But the other exciting thing is that on Sunday, the Hoosiers will be playing at my university and although I’m not helping out then I am definitely going to hang around and try and see them again, because last time I saw them live I met them and they were so nice and then I can say I have met the Hoosiers twice! But let’s just see how that goes!

Anyway, it’s getting hot in here and I want to go and sleep because getting up at 7am is too early for me (even though I’m going to have to start getting used to it), so hopefully there will be some more regular posts soon!

-The Storyteller


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