Moving Again

Hey guys!

On Monday I moved into my new house! It is the house I will be staying in for the rest of this year, and potentially next year as well, while I am in my second and third year at university. So today I thought I would tell you all about how the moving process went.

The plan was to meet in Winchester at 11am, or as close to as possible, but that didn’t really work out as I only arrived at 4pm. The other three people I’m living with all arrived that morning, and they weren’t happy, to say the least. The previous tenants had left full bin bags in the garden along with an old mattress and some other things, and we still had the old couches in the lounge which the letting agent had promised would be changed when we moved in. Eventually we got a new sofa, but that took a couple of days! Two of my housemates were not impressed with their beds- one of the girls only had a mattress- so they made sure it was taken care of at no extra cost to us.

Luckily my room doesn’t have any major issues, apart from the chest of drawers are broken so I’m still half living out of my suitcase, and some of the drawers on my desk are broken too, but I’m less worried about those because most of my things have a place on my desk top anyway. The walls clearly haven’t been painted in a while, and there are countless blu-tac marks on the walls, but at the end of the day, they’re only walls. They’re not going to fall down anytime soon so right now the paint work is the least of my worries.

The garden hasn’t been looked after in a long time. The grass is overgrown both in the back and the front, and there are brambles growing out of the hedge and when we arrived, they were trying to make their way across the street! We have began the task of cutting them back, but we are also waiting for someone to come and trim the garden for us, so hopefully they can take a look at the hedge too!

The house isn’t perfect by any means, but at the end of the day it’s a student house, and the major problems that we shouldn’t have to sort out are being sorted out… slowly, but we’re getting there! The guy with the skip was meant to be coming today, then we were told he was going to be there yesterday, and now he’s only arriving on Monday, so we’re hoping he sticks to his word. Moving house is never easy, but for some reason, the Housing Gods don’t seem to want to be on our side this time… But I’ll make sure to keep you posted!

-The Storyteller


3 thoughts on “Moving Again”

  1. sounds like a standard student house full of crap and unlooked after by the landlord, I know the feel! Good luck with it all 🙂 As long as there’s no / very little mould on your walls, you’ll be okay… else your respiratory system is screwed for the next year!

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