Organizing My Life

Hey guys!

Here’s something you may or may not know about me: I am terrible when it comes to being organised. Also, I never know which way to spell organised. Is it with an s or a z? Let me know in the comments! Anyway, this is a relevant time to post this, because I am going back to university on Monday to move into my new house, and there are a few simple things which I really need to get sorted before I go. When I say I’m “unorganized” (auto-correct changed that to a z) I mean when it comes to sorting out boring things, such as the following:


I am actually terrible at getting rid of receipts. I keep them just in case I need to return something or for future reference or whatever, and then they never leave. They literally stay in my purse for months on end, to the point where I can’t shut my purse completely and that’s normal. It’s when I get around to emptying my purse and it feels so bare that it feels weird. To be honest, it’s just because I easily forget about things like that, I mean, throwing away old receipts is not on the top of my To-Do list. It was only when I was comparing my purse with my cousin’s when I realized how many receipts I actually have and how often I find myself saying “I really need to clear out my purse…”


Similar to the receipts, I have a lot of old make up in my make up bag which I have had for far too long. I only really started wearing make up “properly” in Year 11, when I was 16 which was already three and a half years ago, and I still have make up from then. Do I use any of it? No. Not really. Why? Because I’ve bought new make up since then. But what do I do with the old make up? I keep it, because I’m one of those people who says “oh I’ll keep it just in case…” IN CASE OF WHAT, JANET? YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO USE IT AGAIN SO GET RID OF THE STUFF, DAMN IT! And that is what I will probably do when I finish writing this post. Although, knowing me, I will look at my old tinted moisturizer which isn’t quite finished yet and say to myself, “but wouldn’t it be a waste to just throw it out?” And you can now see why it’s taken me so long to clear out my make up bag.

The other thing I am awful at doing is cleaning my make up brushes. I know, I know, it’s a sin to not clean them but I just really can’t be bothered. No one else uses them and I’m just too lazy to clean them out… also my current foundation is too difficult to clean out with just soap and water so I usually find I can’t be bothered.


When I say “toiletries”, I mean anything in my bath bag, such as shampoos, soaps, maybe the occasional bath bomb from Lush (although I have so many now that they have their very own box in the bathroom), toothbrush and toothpaste… that kind of thing. Now, you might be thinking that I would just throw it out when it’s finished, right? Well, yes. Yes I do. But for a long time I easily forgot about things like soaps which I eventually stopped using because I got a new one, and it would just stay at the bottom of my bath bag for ages.

Let me give you some context: I got my bath bag about five or so years ago as a Christmas present. It’s a Soap and Glory one, which came with some Soap and Glory products, which I used for a little while and eventually found I didn’t really need them. How long did they stay in my bag? I would say a good few years. Why? I have no idea. I recently decided that five years was long enough, and that it was time to get a new bath bag. This decision was made easier by the fact that when I was packing to come home from South Africa, I had no space in my suitcase, so the bag had to stay behind. But to be fair, it is really grubby on the inside, and when I told my mum she asked me why I never cleaned it out… The thought never occurred to me…


Can you see a theme running through here? I am terrible at throwing away clothes. I always complain that I don’t have enough space in my drawers, and five minutes later I complain that I have nothing to wear. But then when I do get around to clearing out my drawers, it feels like I either throw away loads of stuff but there’s still no space, or I throw away nothing because, yes, you guessed it, “I might need it”. The problem worsens when I come home from university, when I’ve bought new clothes whilst being away, and then I have no space for them anywhere, unless I just leave things in my suitcase, which would be inconvenient because there is no room for my suitcase to live permanently in my room. The same thing applies to my bookshelf, and all the university books I bring home… there is just no space anywhere…

So there we go! Those are just a few of the things which I am terrible at organizing. They may seem really boring and pointless, but trust me, when the time comes that I have to go through everything, it’s so long and time consuming, and I think that’s why I don’t like doing it in the first place. And also, I might need it again.

-The Storyteller


3 thoughts on “Organizing My Life”

  1. me too. My mother had been fussing at me about not getting rid of old makeup. I just started wearing makeup about a year ago. (I actually just wear it when I dress up.) I finally threw away old makeup this past Christmas when I got some new makeup. I also now clean my makeup brushes too.
    I also don’t throw away clothes either. I say if it fits, it stays. My mother fussed about it too.

  2. Oh my I am guilty for not cleaning any of these things. My purse has about a million receipts and cards from like 2 years ago. 😂😂😂 my oh my I said to myself at the start of this year that I will be more organised…. HAAHAHAHAH lol nopeeee

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