Scuba Diving

Hey guys!

Once again I am sorry for the inconsistent posts, but you should know by now that I am in South Africa on holiday visiting my family etc so I don’t have time to write blog posts everyday, as much as it kills me!

However, I have been having a decent time so far, and it’s crazy that in a week on Friday I will be back home! Whaaat?! And I’ve also realised I really have not been keeping up to speed with my summer reading list and it’s starting to occur to me that I will get back to uni and be behind on work before our term has even started!

But that’s not that point of this post. Today I wanted to talk to you about scuba diving! Me, my brother and sister went on the “discover scuba” course (is course the right word? today, with my aunt’s neighbor who is a scuba instructor and went diving for the first time! It was really fun and I would definitely recommend it.

Justin, our instructor, got us all kitted up with the tanks and the wetsuits and the fins (not flippers because “we aren’t 12 years old”) and after a briefing on what everything does and what we should do if we are in trouble, we headed out to the water. 

I am a very confident swimmer, and I’m not just saying that to show off. I am genuinely the biggest lover of swimming you will come across, so I wasn’t really that nervous. However, it’s normal to be nervous when you haven’t done something before. Once we were in the water, the heavy equipment seemed weightless and you forgot about it. Well… Not all of it, obviously, just the massive tank on your back! 

Finally we went under the water properly. We had to try and go down feet first, veryically, but it was easy to let your feet float up and find yourself lying on your back, sinking to the bottom. You are supposed to get your knees on the ground but if you don’t manage to do this straight away, then don’t panic! Naturally you will want to kick around and try to float but with an experienced instructor, they will help you get to where you need to be. This happened to me the first time we went quite deep, and I was facing away from our small group so for a few seconds, the voice in my head was telling me to panic as I lay there like a turtle on its back trying to turn over. But then I remembered that there’s nothing to worry about, because if I just stayed like that then Justin would eventually come and help me out! Luckily I did manage to turn myself around and after that everything was easy. 

I think being a confident swimmer definitely helps, because you have that strength and knowledge of what the water can do. However, if you cannot swim, don’t lie to the instructor just so you can go scuba diving. You need to be able to swim, obviously, even if it’s at a basic level. 
If you are unsure if diving is the thing for you, then you can do the “Discover Scuba” which is what I did, just so you can get a feel for what it’s like. Or you can do the four day course and get your official PADI (I think that’s spelt right) qualification. This is an international qualification and once you have it you can literally travel the world with it! Both are fairly expensive, and I would recommend checking prices carefully before you go. (In South African Rand, it came to 1,350R each, which is roughly £77, just for the Discover Scuba. The actual course is more expensive.) it is pricey, but you are paying for the instructor and the equipment, which is expensive as well, so with all things considered it is a decent price. 

I would love to go scuba diving again, but the reason why I didn’t choose to do the full course is because when I’m at uni, I don’t live near the sea so I don’t know if it would be worth the money right now. However, I will get a Discover Scuba certificate so if I did decide to do the full qualification later on, I can show them that I have had some experience already. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you guys ever been scuba diving? What was your experience like? If you haven’t been before, is it something you would like to do?

-The Storyteller

*I went scuba diving with Justin from Scuba Shack, Cape Town. For more information you can like their Facebook Page, Scuba Shack Diving Cape Town. All pictures were taken by Justin and are not my own. This post is not sponsored, I am simply expressing my own views!*


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