Summer Reading

Hey guys!

As I’m sure you’ll know, the summer holidays are the best time for getting good, solid reading done. Or so it should be. Usually, over summer, I will be constantly reading new and exciting books, but this year hasn’t exactly gone so well…

You might remember that I wrote a Summer TBR List a little while ago, and most of the books on my list are books I need to read for my second year at uni. One of the modules I will be studying is Victorian fictions, and I am slowly but surely getting my way through the reading list. I am currently on page 35 out of around 800 of Middlemarch by George Eliot, and this is the fourth out of seven books on just one reading list… 

I do still have time to finish it and all, but it’s not grabbed my attention and the pure size of the books puts me off a little bit. The other books I’ve read so far included The Jungle Book, Sherlock Holmes and The Time Machine, which are all fairly normal sized books and I was actually interested in the content. But with Middlemarch, I’m starting to think that it’s going to be that one book I never want to see ever again.

Of course I’m going to give it a chance, as I’m not even a quarter of the way through yet… But it’s just so long! Also, I think the fact that these are books I have to read makes reading over the summer less fun, because I don’t have the free choice of reading whatever I like. Classics aren’t really my go to choice of reading material- I would rather read an action packed fantasy like Throne of Glass or perhaps something humourous  and realistic such as The Rosie Project… I suppose I did ask for this when I made the choice to study an English literature degree!

So, my reading game is not on point this year, to say the least. I mean, I’ve read four books since June… Five if you’re including The Cursed Child… And what am I doing about that? I’m complaining about it through a blog post…

-The Storyteller 


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