So Far in SA…

Hey guys!

Yes, I am still alive, and no, I haven’t abandoned this blog completely. If you haven’t been keeping up with my most recent posts, I am currently in South Africa visiting family and friends.

We arrived on Friday morning, after a very rushed breakfast on British Airways. The flight was already delayed the night before due to the catering company being late, and somehow this caused our breakfast to be late too… If you’ve ever been on an overnight flight, you’ll know that when breakfast is served, it’s usually around a couple of hours before landing. In our case, it was about 45 minutes. They didn’t even have time to serve tea and coffee!

Anyway, we arrived at Cape Town International Airport to our greeting party of one (my aunt) and went to our favourite coffee shop, Mugg and Bean. Being the awkward family we are, we had to ask three guys on the outside table to move to the next one because we had a trolley and our luggage to look after while having our delayed teas and coffees (and in my case, as a non tea or coffee drinker, a strawberry milkshake). 

Fast forwarding on to the drive home, we saw flamingoes in the “wild” for the first time in the river Liesbeek (I hope I’ve spelt that right off the top of my head!) which was pretty cool, because it’s always nicer to see animals in their natural habitat rather than in a zoo enclosure. 

Finally we arrived at my aunts house, and honestly I can’t remember much of what happened next. My grandparents came over at one point, and I think that was the night we had a burger night and my uncle told us of the time he fell off his bike not once, but twice in the short distance it took him to cycle home.

The weather has been really nice while we’ve been here, but today has to be the nicest so far. It’s 18 degrees and it feels like summer! However I’m trying not to stay in the sun for too long because I managed to get badly sunburnt the other day while visiting my cousin and meeting her new retriever puppies (Cassie and Monty) for the first time. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t surprise me that I was able to get sunburnt in a South African winter!

We’ve not been here for too long so this update won’t be that much longer. Last night we went out to watch a friend of my mums perform at the Alma Cafe with another musician. Their names are Jennifer Eaves and Reini Adelbert so if you have a spare minute, then make sure you go and check them out! Jennifer has a soundcloud account and you can also find some of her things on YouTube and I’m sure you can also find Reini’s music too. I would especially recommend them if you are into acoustic music.

And on that note, I will bring this post to an end. I hope you have enjoyed catching up on my adventures so far, and I will try to keep you posted in the next few weeks that I am here!

-The Storyteller


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