Uni Essentials!

Hey guys!

Some of you may be thinking that this type of post is a little early, but when it comes to getting things ready for university, it’s better to start preparing sooner rather than later. So, today I am going to give you some tips on the essentials that YOU should bring with you to university.

The main thing I would recommend you getting early is stationary. This is an obvious one, but trust me, there may be some things that you didn’t realise you might need. Today I went to WHSmith (if you don’t have one of these stores, just go to your local stationary shop!) and got the following things…

uni essentials

Aren’t they pretty? I LOVE stationary shopping far too much for my own good. I’ll break down the image for you, in case there are things that you missed, and also because there were a couple of things I couldn’t fit into the photo.

  • Pencil Case (with pens, pencils, rubbers… the basics)
  • Highlighters (these I recommend, especially for subjects where you have lots to read and lots of note taking! And definitely get lots of colours.)
  • A sharpie (good to write your name on things, duh!)
  • Colourful Post-it stickers (I don’t know if this is their proper name, but again I do recommend these)
  • A notebook with dividers (although any notebook is fine, I prefer these)
  • A small notebook (again, optional but I have got this to write down quotes or to plan essays)
  • A Campus Diary (this is good for students as it is the academic year, but again any diary will do if you feel you need one.)
  • A Calendar (if diaries aren’t your thing, but you don’t always use the calendar on your phone, I recommend this! It’s what I used most of last year, and will probably be using one again this year.)
  • Neon Dividers (these are good for lever arch files. I used mine last year for all the handouts from lectures, and it’s easy to keep organised!)

Although it is not pictured above, I would also suggest getting a Lever Arch File, as I said, it’s good to help you keep organised with your notes, and you won’t lose things and stress out when it comes to writing essays or revising for exams. Some of the things above I already had, such as my pencil case, highlighters, and memory stick, so only go out and buy things you actually think you’ll use.

The next thing I recommend, which is another obvious one, is buying your books early. It helps if you already know your reading list, but this is not always the case, especially if you’re going into first year.

These aren’t even all the ones I need for semester one!

I was lucky last year, and was given two anthologies for free by my university, but that was just for two of the modules, so I still had to buy my own copies for my other two modules. There are a number of great places you can get your books for cheaper deals, such as:

  • Second hand book shops
  • Charity shops
  • Buying online– including Amazon (but look for the second hand options!)
  • Even from students who don’t require their books anymore.

For the last one, make sure you join the fresher’s page on Facebook (most universities will have one!) and ask around. Or, if you know someone who has studied the course, or a similar course to the one you are going to, you can also ask them if they have anything they can lend you. Second hand books are a pretty good way to go, because you may be lucky and find notes which can help you when revising (hint).

My final university essential is that you get the meningitis jab. This is a very serious one, and probably the most important on this list. First year students are more likely to get meningitis or septicaemia, because of meeting loads of new people. You really don’t want to risk getting this disease, so it’s much better to be safer than sorry. It’s a really ugly thing to have, and you could be seriously ill if you don’t get it, so please, please make sure that this is ticked off your list before you go to university! If you’d like any more information on it, you can read a little more here.

So those are my three top university essentials! There are more, of course, some of which I have included in previous university posts, such as this one. I would recommend reading this for more information on what you need for living in halls, how to live away from home and coping with homesickness, and general university lifestyle. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and found it useful! And if you have your results days coming up soon, I wish you the best of luck!

-The Storyteller


3 thoughts on “Uni Essentials!”

  1. So I wasn’t crazy to buy all the stationary for uni just last month when I still have 2 months to go before I go into uni! I also just realized that I’ll need a calendar. Thanks Janet!

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