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Review on… Star Trek Beyond

Hey guys!

I recently went to watch the new Star Trek Beyond with my brother, and as per usual, I am back with another film review! I have a feeling that this one will be fairly tricky to write, because I have mixed views on the film as a whole, but let’s get to that later!


The film begins with an uncertain James Kirk on whether or not he wants to be Captain of the U.S.S Enterprise after their upcoming mission. Similarly, Spock is also not sure of his position among the crew, after the death of Ambassador Spock encourages him to think about the possibility of becoming the new Ambassador. However, as Kirk and Spock are so close, they can’t bring themselves to tell the other about their potential future plans just yet.

The action begins pretty quickly, and so we are pulled into the story with the characters. The Enterprise is sent to search for a lost crew in the depths of unknown space, but then the ship is attacked by these mysterious aliens (led by Idris Elba), who take them captive for what seems to be an unknown reason. After crashing onto the planet, the crew must try to find each other, a way to escape, and a way to stop Krall from destroying everything they know.

Wow, Janet, that was a great summary. I hope that made sense! But if you go and see the film, or if you have watched it, then it’ll make some kind of sense. Let’s start with the positives: I really loved the chemistry between Spock and Bones in this film. We’re so used to seeing Kirk and Spock being besties and saving each other all the time, so it was refreshing to see the banter and sarcasm between Bones and Spock this time. Honestly, they were my favourite part of the film and I always looked forward to their scenes together, and I always found myself laughing at some point in them (unless, of course, it wasn’t meant to be funny).

The other character I really loved was Jaylah, a new character introduced in Star Trek Beyond. She is on the planet already, as a scavenger after previously escaping Krall. She is so badass, and smart, and unknowingly funny at times and just an all round cool character. Plus, she has white hair- not like old white hair, but bright, almost platinum white hair. She’s cool. Trust me.

However I did find that there were a few negatives. I found myself daydreaming about other things during parts of the film, which sucked because I really thought I would be into it and it would have my full attention, which it clearly didn’t if I was getting distracted by my own thoughts. Therefore I found some parts a bit confusing, but then again that may be because it’s been a while since I watched the last Star Trek film. In saying that, I feel like watching the previous Star Trek films would only improve my memory of the characters, and I knew most of them already so I can only think that it must have something to do with the plot… I just haven’t put my finger on it yet.

For a Sci-Fi sequel, I think it’s decent. It’s certainly not my favourite in the franchise (Star Trek: Into Darkness being my favourite so far), but it was entertaining. I think if you’re new to Star Trek and want to watch the film, but haven’t seen the previous ones, then you’ll probably understand the film just fine- it’s just that you’ll have to catch up on who the characters are!

I would say I want to see Star Trek Beyond again if someone asked me to go, because I really want to have a second attempt at watching it with my full attention. I’m not sure why, but I found myself drifting in and out on a couple of occasions, because the story just didn’t grip me enough. But I hope that if I gave it another go, I may be able to understand it more and enjoy it more next time!

-The Storyteller


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