My Harry Potter Collection

Hey guys!

Over the years, I’m sure like many of you, I have collected more and more Harry Potter related items, so today I thought I would share them with you. It’s not to show off or anything, I just thought it would be fun, because who doesn’t like to see other people’s Harry Potter related stuff?

Harry Potter Collage

The first thing I have to show you are of course the books. Now, these are shared by my family and I think my brother would say that they are his, but these were the ones I read. Plus, you can’t start off your Harry Potter Collection without the books themselves!


(We also have the films. Duh.)

Next, I have a set of Harry Potter pyjamas which I got at Primark about a year ago. The top has the Hogwarts logo, and it’s very floaty and nice to wear in summer, and it comes with black shorts which have the Marauder’s Map on them.


Also from Primark, I have this grey Harry Potter t-shirt, again with the Hogwarts logo.


I’ve also got a pair of earrings which my sister got me for my birthday a couple of years ago which simply have 9 3/4 on them. I apologise for the terrible quality photo, but my iPod was the only thing I could find with a camera on it, and it didn’t like getting up close and personal, so this will have to do!


The final piece of Harry Potter clothing I have is my Slytherin Hoodie, which I got at the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London about two years ago. I love the colour, and I love the fabric and it’s probably one of my most worn hoodies. (And I have a lot of hoodies…)


Next on my list is my Harry Potter film poster, which I probably got at HMV or somewhere like that. It’s a mini poster and currently sits on my wardrobe, and it’s got the majority of the main characters from the films.


I’m not sure if this really counts but I’m going to include it anyway, but next I have my ticket from the Warner Bros Studio Tour. It has Dobby on it, and I have a thing where I like to keep my tickets from really cool places I’ve been to. So it is currently on my wall above my bed.


And that is my Harry Potter Collection complete! I’m pretty sure I haven’t forgotten anything, and if I have that would be embarrassing… but I’m pretty sure that’s most of it! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have a bigger and better Harry Potter Collection than me, let me know! I’d love to see what random things you have to celebrate your love for Harry Potter.

-The Storyteller


15 thoughts on “My Harry Potter Collection”

  1. Great collection!
    I’ve still got the first two films on VHS, and for some reason I have a time-turner which was a pretty pointless acquisition as I can’t do anything with it haha 🙂

    1. I remember having the first film on DVD, but now we’ve gone through two new DVD players that don’t have a VHS option… Are you sure you can’t do anything with the time turner? Maybe you’re using it wrong 😉

      1. Ahhh, my sister has a lot of Harry Potter stuff which we shared growimg up but I don’t think I’ll count that. I have this huge Lego Harry Potter book but I can’t remember where I put it!

      2. Yeah, the only thing that wasn’t technically “mine” were the Harry Potter books because they’re my brothers but again we shared them all the time so I thought I’d count it anyway!

      3. Yeah, the books are my sisters (well a few are mine which I gave to her when I wasn t really interested in HP but now I wish I’d kept them!)

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