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Raising Tuition Fees (AGAIN!)

Hey guys!

If you’re not already aware, I am studying at university (well… when I go back in September) and in England, the tuition fees are currently at a maximum of £9000 per year. This really sucks for all students whose families aren’t super rich, because that means that we have to pay £27,000 over the three years of study. And then you may get students whose courses require them to study for longer, such as medicine, which is a seven year course. PLUS, when you consider families who have children who are all at universities at the same time, then these people have to pay double, triple or sometimes even more than the amount for just one child who is studying.

I happen to have two siblings, one older brother who is a year older than me, and a twin sister. We are all currently at different universities across the UK, and the tuition fees for all of these universities are at the maximum of £9000. However today I read that the government are planning to raise tuition fees even further, to £9,250 in 2017. It’s insane! The government has said that the raise in tuition fees will apply to student who have already begun courses, so it doesn’t matter which year of study you’ll be in when 2017 comes, the chances are likely that you’ll be affected.

As I will be going into my second year of study this September, that means that I will be having to pay an extra £250 in my final year, which isn’t fair. Paying £9,000 isn’t fair. Apparently the raise in fees is for “better teaching”, but don’t you think that we’re paying enough for our education already? I personally don’t see how all of this money is going to help teaching. I think my lecturers are doing a decent job already.
Furthermore, it will likely deter poorer students who may be so deserving of a place at university, but they can’t go because they can’t afford it. If this goes ahead, there will be more and more students graduating university with increasing debts to pay, which is even more stress on their shoulders.

It’s not fair on the students that the government are now asking for us to pay this amount for our own education. Education is a human right, so why is it that we have to pay such ridiculous amounts? A few years ago it was raised from £3,000 to £9,000 which was a lot worse than the current raise in fees being proposed at the moment, but you’d have thought that a £6,000 increase would be enough. What’s worse, is that according to the BBC, in the future people could be having to pay up to £10,000.

So, that’s not great. It’s not fair, and it’s just going to allow the rich and privileged to be able to study. Can you tell that I’m annoyed about this?

-The Storyteller




8 thoughts on “Raising Tuition Fees (AGAIN!)”

  1. Omg ughhh why is the government doing this!?!?!? I’m going to be starting uni in 2018 (hopefully) so I’ll definitely have to pay the £9,250 :/ It’s so annoying, I don’t see why it has to cost that much. They should be encouraging more people ton go to uni and into further education by LOWERING the fees, not raising them. They say we need degrees to get a decent job but they aren’t making it very easy for us to actually afford going to uni and it’s becoming more and more ‘elitist’ in the sense that people with lower incomes will struggle, Ughhh.

    1. Exactly! It feels like we’re going back in time because I think it used to be the richer people who would go to uni anyway. And surely if they have lower fees but more students, they make just as much money anyway?

      1. Yeah exactly! Surely they would. I think the whole of education in general just hasn’t been prioritised/thought through enough lately by the government.

  2. It’s a problem here in the US as well and I can understand your frustration. I’m reading blog posts this morning and listening to the news. A news story just came on as I was reading your post about how people who have completed their degrees regret their decision to go to school because of the amount of debt they have after graduation.

    I’m thankful for the job I obtained because of my degree but do question if it was worth of it because of the amount of loans I had to take out and the amount of debt I now face. It’s very frustrating and wish more countries would look at making the higher education system more easily accessible to everyone.

    1. I agree! I also think because my degree doesn’t necessarily have a set job at the end of it, like if I had studied medicine for example, so then it’s going to be a while for me to actually be able to pay it back which is even more frustrating…

  3. The rise in fees is such a concern to me, as a potential university student. All this, along with other changes, is achieving is a society completely opposite to that which our government is “proposing”. We are creating a society where your family’s financial status will affect you and your future. Equal opportunities for all do not exist in a world like this.

      1. I’m only heading into Y10, and will therefore be starting university in 2020 at the earliest. Who knows what the fees will be like by then… 😨

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