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Review on… Ghostbusters (2016)

Hey guys!

A couple of days ago, I went to watch the new reboot of Ghostbusters. You know, the one which has been overly criticized for the last few months because it’s got four women in it? By the way, this review does include spoilers. 

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I personally really wanted to enjoy Ghostbusters since I first saw the trailer. The same trailer which happens to be the most disliked video on YouTube. Now, I don’t know if it was because of the fact that the four leading characters are women, or if it’s because of other reasons, but this film got a lot of hate and I can understand that doing a reboot of a classic film can be risky, but when it comes to something like Ghostbusters, the sex of the leading cast should not come into it.

My first opinion was that it didn’t come into it. When I walked out of the cinema, I was like, yeah! This is great! But then I realized that even within the film, the women are not taken seriously. This is for the story line, and it’s about these four women showing the world that they are just as good as any guy when it comes to busting ghosts.

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From the start, I was never sure about Chris Hemsworth’s character as Kevin the receptionist. If you’ve seen either the trailer or the film, you’ll know he’s an idiot and that annoyed me a little bit. He seemed to be stupid for no reason other than to be funny, but I didn’t really find his jokes funny at all. They were predictable, really, and I think the only time I did like his character was towards the end when he was possessed by a ghost. I felt that he was only there for the final battle scene when he was possessed, as well as for eye candy. The film could have been just as good without him, if you ask me, but this is only my opinion!

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Although I sound really critical so far, I did in fact enjoy Ghostbusters. Was it as good as the original? Of course not, but I don’t think it deserved all the negativity it had been receiving from people who hadn’t even seen it yet. In my opinion, the film got better as it went on and my favourite part was Jillian Holtzmann’s (Kate McKinnon) fighting in the final battle scene against all the Ghosts in Time Square. In general I really enjoyed this scene, but I found Holtzmann to be my favourite character overall because she is so eccentric and I loved that she is this crazy female engineer.

One of my personal favourite things about the film, and I don’t know if it’s just because I’m a feminist, was the fact that there are four women who love science. If enough young girls watch this film, it’ll encourage them to not be too intimidated by the subject and it shows that science and maths and engineering is not just a “boys subject”. I found myself watching Holtzmann and thinking, I’d love to be able to invent stuff. And if this film can get a 19 and a half year old English woman to think that, then I’m sure it’ll be able to inspire the imaginations of 9 year old girls too.

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So that is what I thought of Ghostbusters. It wasn’t perfect, but I found it enjoyable and I would want to watch it again. And, I certainly will be buying it on DVD!

-The Storyteller



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