20 Facts About Me

Hey guys!

In case you weren’t already aware, on July 3rd I hit 700 subscribers on my blog, and I wrote a post about it which you can read here. I said I wanted to do something to celebrate that achievement, but at the time I didn’t have many ideas. But today I was thinking, and I thought, I have 700 subscribers, many of which have only started following me recently. How much do they really know about me? So, I decided to write a post with some facts about me, so all of you newbies can get to know me a bit better!

  1. This blog is six years old, and has gone through three name changes.
  2. I am half South African.
  3. I have lived in the UK for all of my life, but I was born in Johannesburg.
  4. Swimming is, and always has been, my favourite sport.
  5. I was part of my swimming club for eight years until last September when I left for university.
  6. I have just finished my first year at university, studying English with American literature.
  7. I am an non-identical twin.
  8. I have seven cousins, of which I am the youngest.
  9. All of my cousins live in South Africa.
  10. I still don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up.
  11. I don’t have an all-time favourite film, so when people ask me I have to tell them in categories. For example, my favourite Disney film is Tangled.
  12. I am obsessed with Hamilton the Musical.

  13. I am very ambitious and often set myself unrealistic goals.
  14. Although I consider myself to be very self-motivated, I do often struggle to get things done sometimes.
  15. I am a feminist, and believe in gender equality.
  16. I want to live in at least one other country, preferably somewhere in South America.
  17. I want to visit Japan.
  18. When travelling, I believe that you should always make an effort to not just go to the tourist attractions, and that you should not just spend your time at the hotel.
  19. I think the most exciting thing about visiting other countries is experiencing the culture.
  20. I am a book nerd, even though I am not the fastest reader on the planet.

So there are twenty facts about me! I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s something a little bit different, but I hope you now know me a little bit more than before!

-The Storyteller

2 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me”

  1. Bad friend who didn’t know a lot of these things 😛 I definitely agree with the travel ones! If you’re going to travel, really travel, don’t waste your amazing trip!

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