Hey guys!

If you live in the UK, and are aged 18+, and have registered to vote, then that means on the 23rd June (which is TOMORROW), you are eligible to vote in the EU Referendum. I have already given my thoughts and opinions as to which way I will be voting (#remain) but this post isn’t about that.

If you are a young person, who is able to vote, then please don’t waste this opportunity. This referendum will affect us more than anyone, so if young people don’t vote then in one, five, or ten years time, you can’t be the one complaining. Because if you don’t vote then you don’t have a reason to be annoyed at whatever the outcome is. Voting doesn’t mean you have to be interested in politics. I hate politics, and I would never want to become a politician, but these things are important. 

This referendum is a once in a lifetime thing, and if people don’t vote then it’ll be a waste. Or, if people don’t really care and just choose one for the sake of choosing, then that is also a waste of a vote. If you don’t really know which you’d like to vote for, there are plenty of unbiased sources on the internet which can help you to understand which would be better for you. I will leave some links at the end of this post for you if you’re still undecided.

I know I seem to be going on about this referendum a lot recently, but that shows that I care about my future. I personally don’t think leaving the EU is a good idea, and I’ve believed that from the start. When I first heard about the referendum I immediately made up my mind before anyone could brainwash me into thinking otherwise. But I know not all people are like that, and especially young people who may not have voted before, may find this daunting, or wonder why their input will count. Everything counts, so please make sure you vote. Make sure you think about what will be best for you.

-The Storyteller


EU Referendum: How Will Young People Vote?

Martin Lewis’s Guide on How to Vote in the EU Referendum: In or Out?

The UK’s Referendum: All You Need to Know



2 thoughts on “MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!”

  1. *flings open window* EVERYBODY VOTE GUYS. ‘I don’t get politics’ is not a proper excuse, because whilst admittedly some elections don’t change things that much, this is super going to affect us. It is life-tics.
    That was a completely terribly speech, and also I am slightly preaching to the choir, but ANYWAY. Just agreeing vigorously with your points. *nods*

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