Stuck in Manchester

Hey guys!

Last night I got back from my family trip to the Isle of Man, and I have to say, once we got there I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t really know what to expect, because I had never been there before, and it’s one of those places where tourists don’t usually go to during the summer.

Our story begins, like with most travel tales, at the airport. Our flight from Exeter to Manchester had been delayed by almost an hour, which was frustrating for us because we had a connection flight from Manchester to the Isle of Man about half an hour after we were supposed to land in Manchester. Eventually we boarded the flight, but then we had to wait around more because of the bad weather. This was the reason why we were delayed in the first place. Finally we were up in the air, and the journey had begun.

Once we arrived in Manchester, we realised our connection flight was not on the departures board- we were that late. So, we continued on towards security and he pointed us towards Gate 1, saying that they were holding the flight for us. We passed two more people who told us where to go, and as we ran towards Gate 1, we looked out the window to see the Flybe plane getting ready to leave. We were too late. There was no one at the Gate either, so we couldn’t do anything. This was the last plane of the day to the Isle of Man, and the next one left at 8 o’clock the next moring. So, we collected our luggage (which, thankfully, was late too) and went to sort ourselves out.

There were a lot of other people on the Exeter/Manchester flight who also had connections they’d missed, so at least the wait wasn’t too boring, and we weren’t the only ones. Eventually we got our new boarding passes for the next morning’s flight, and the airport set us up at this hotel. There was a bus which took us there, and dropped us around the corner of a Mercure Hotel… even though the airport told us we were staying in a different one whose name I can’t remember but it begins with a P… anyway, we followed everyone else into the Hotel, thinking we may have heard it wrong. But then the bus driver (who didn’t seem that interested in anything anyway) told us that our hotel was further down the road.

So finally we arrived at the hotel. By this point, it was nearing midnight and we had to be up at 6am to get the taxi to the airport at 6:45am. The airport had paid for our rooms, food, transport and tickets which was great and saved us a lot of hassle. However, it still meant that it was one less night in our destined location. On the plus side, Manchester city is really nice, and I’d definitely like to visit it again sometime! But maybe not under the same circumstances.

So I would like to say thanks to Flybe, for getting us into this situation. It was much appreciated. (*I’m being sarcastic*)

-The Storyteller


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