Change Your Gun Laws

Hey guys,

I’m sure you’re all aware of what happened over the weekend in America, so I’m not going to go into detail. What happened to those people was unacceptable, and it’s shocking that America still hasn’t done a thing about it. Although I appreciate that people in power are thinking about those who were lost, and their thoughts are with the friends and families of the victims, what are those thoughts and prayers going to do? Having moments of silence is a sign of respect but that’s not going to change anything.

How many more schools, places of worship, clubs, public places are going to be attacked before America decides that guns are weapons? Guns kill people. Yet they’re still legal and anyone can get their hands on them. Anyone. Sure, guns can be used to defend yourself, but why should you need to own a gun? My family, and every family in the UK do not own a gun, and I have never needed one. I have never wanted one, and I will never want one.

In America, anyone can get their hands on a gun. They don’t have to have checks to see that they’re mentally sane, they aren’t asked what the use of the gun is for, and it seems that the government don’t want to do much to change that. I am starting to look at the “greatest country in the world” as more of a “greatest threat”. Why is it still okay for people to kill each other? Why? Why is it that people said “never again”, but gun violence still exists? Why is it still a problem? Why haven’t you done anything about it?

You may be asking why I’m complaining about it when it doesn’t affect me, but the truth is that it does affect me. It affects everyone around the world, but more importantly it shows that America’s gun problem is something the world seems to be able to see, but the American government can’t. Why is it that people all over the world are shouting at America to change their laws, but the American government are not?

It shouldn’t be that difficult. I know that Americans have the right to bare arms, but in this day and age, is it really necessary?

-The Storyteller


6 thoughts on “Change Your Gun Laws”

  1. I am sorry to hear that America as a whole is starting to become more a threat. I agree that when things of this nature happen it effects people around the world and you do want to hear what can prevent it from happening again. The only thing that I want to argue is that guns do not kill people, people kill people. I personally do not own a gun nor does anyone else in my residence. I also do not see the reason to own a gun since I choose not to hunt for food that requires a gun. My question to you is what would be a remedy for gun control for America. What does the UK do differently because maybe that is what are leaders need to work towards.

    1. Guns make it easier to kill people. I know people kill people and people use guns to kill people, but guns make it more accessible. As for a remedy, look at Australia. They banned guns after one massacre and there have been no mass killings due to gun violence since then. Quite simply, I think owning a gun should be made illegal because that seems to be the only thing the government can do to stop these atrocities. By taking away the problem, the number of gun related homicides should decrease. “If one man can kill 50 people, the problem is guns.”

  2. THANK YOU. You’re right, it actually does affect all of us, even if we aren’t the ones dying. It’s horrible that it seems that people in America can’t see the problem, when we all can so clearly

    1. It’s not necessarily all the American people, but those in charge, such as the government or senators or whatever, and those who feel they need guns, as in those who have had and been around guns their whole lives. As with the Hannah Hart video and also Tyler Oakley, it’s clear that even Americans want change to happen, but I think there are lots who don’t want a complete ban on guns, just more background checks which is reasonable but it won’t stop the problem… #somanyproblems

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