Review on… Thriller Live

Hey guys!

Last night, my family and I went to watch Thriller Live, the West End production of the works of Michael Jackson which is now going on a UK tour.

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I wasn’t always a Michael Jackson fan. I always knew who he was, because it was, and still is, pretty hard to not have heard of him or his music before. When I say I wasn’t a fan, I mean that I knew his music and who he was, but I didn’t own any of his albums or properly listen to his music until after he died. So when I heard about Thriller Live a few years ago, it was something which I thought would be quite interesting, but it wasn’t at the top of my list of theatre shows to see.

But man, I am so glad I got the chance to see it in a town near where I live.

The show is fantastic. If you’ve ever seen Let it Be, the Beatles musical, it’s similar in that the show is just a group of performers almost paying a tribute to the artist. I much preferred Thriller Live because there was so much energy, all of the performers gave it there all, and it reminded me why I love performing myself. During the show, the four main vocalists would give a bit of background about Jackson and his different styles as his career progressed, which was quite nice as it meant we could have a little break from the dancing, the singing, the set, the lighting, and the costumes… it is clear how much work has been put into this show, and it is obvious how much fun the actors and dancers are having. Everyone was smiling throughout the entire show, unless they had to act serious, and that made us, the audience, smile too.

What made it even better was that we were only four rows away from the stage, and we were close enough to see the sweat of the performers, which is by no means a bad thing in my book! It is evident that they put so much hard work into each and every song, in each and every show they do. Plus, when they started singing “Thriller”, the dancers came on as Zombies, and there was this lady in the front row who was dancing, and one of the Zombies tried scaring her… I think she just laughed at him.

Overall, Thriller Live is a musical for everyone. There were so many people of different age groups in the audience, and I would recommend it for families, friends, couples, anyone who wants to go and have a good night out. I think it’s the closest thing you’ll get to seeing Michael Jackson live, and it is by far the best Michael Jackson tribute I have ever seen. It’s not tacky, it’s not cheesy, it is pure entertainment with slick dance moves, and vocals which are on point. It’s certainly a show that’s not to be missed.

-The Storyteller



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