#ProudToBeProud Tag

Hey guys!

Today I decided to do a tag post, since it’s been a while since the last one, and this post was inspired by the wonderful Em Is Lost (so you should all go and check out her blog!) Originally, the tag was started by Luna so make sure you go and look at her blog as well!

This tag is all about being proud of your achievements and who you are, so the point is to make a list of things that you are proud of without having to feel selfish or as if you are boasting. Because, sometimes, people take things the wrong way, and there is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself!

  1. I am proud of being half South African. I think it’s part of what makes me who I am.
  2. Having spent 14 years of my life dedicated to swimming.
  3. 8 of those years were spent at the same swimming club,  of which I am immensely proud of.
  4. Becoming Club Captain for my swimming club last year.
  5. Getting into university. It may not have been my first, or even fifth choice, but I am so damn proud of myself for getting this far.
  6. I haven’t failed any of my university assignments… yet. (I’m still waiting to hear back on two more results)
  7. I am proud to call myself a feminist.
  8. Being kind and happy 99% of the time. I think it’s why I find it fairly easy to make friends in new places.
  9. I don’t have to wear make up to feel confident. I like having the choice of whether I wear it or not, and I’m proud that I don’t let people pressure me into wearing make up when I don’t feel like it.
  10. I’m relatively strong when it comes to peer pressure in general. I don’t like people telling me to do something I don’t want to do, so I try and not let it get to me.
  11. Being a fangirl. At the moment it’s Hamilton, but I don’t care if people think my “obsessions” are weird. I love them, and that’s what counts!
  12. Starting my blog, and continuing with it for the past 6 years or so.

So those are just a few things that I am proud of. There are probably loads more that I just haven’t thought of yet, but I encourage you guys to take part in this tag if you haven’t done so already!

-The Storyteller


5 thoughts on “#ProudToBeProud Tag”

  1. Wow you’ve been swimming for such a long time! I’m awful at swimming to be honest 😂 also 6 years of blogging!?!?! How!?!?! I agree with the make up thing – I only wear it if I want to (which is rarely) and I feel perfectly confident without it. I think it’s nice not to wear it all the time because then when you do wear it, it feels a bit more special. I love this post and good luck with getting the results for your assignments back! 🙂

    1. Haha yeah, I just really love swimming! And I recently got a notification from wordpress saying it was 6 years since I made an account. 🙂 I feel the same about make up, I’ll wear it if I’m going out somewhere, or if I have some time in the morning I might just do my eyes, but that’s about it!

      1. Oooh that’s such a long time though! I remember I got really excited over one year of blogging 😂 Yeah same! I only use eye shadow/eye liner if I want to wear any make up but rarely do anyway unless I’m going out.

      2. A year is still a long time though! I just feel like that old wizard in fairytale a who apparently knows what they’re doing but in reality they’re crazy 😂

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