Hey guys!

I know I wrote about this fairly recently, but I have become obsessed with the Hamilton Musical, and I don’t tend to use that word lightly.

It started when my friend mentioned it to me, saying how much she loves it and encouraged me to listen to it while we were in the library doing revision. I put in an earplug and listened to a couple of songs, and to be honest, at that point I thought it was good, but I didn’t have a reason to fangirl over it so much. But I guess that’s because I hadn’t listened to it from start to finish so I didn’t really get it.

I had of course heard about the Hamilton musical online, hearing that it had been nominated for about 16 Tony Awards, it’s got a multi-racial cast, and it’s historically accurate. A musical based on one of the American founding fathers with hip-hop music isn’t something you hear about everyday, so of course I was intrigued.

The time I really started listening to the soundtrack was the week leading up to my exam, and I started listening to it on Spotify whilst I was writing essays and doing other forms of revision. I would mainly listen to part one because a few of my favourite songs are in the first act so I would usually just have them on repeat. But then it got to the point where I didn’t want to skip any of the songs, because I began to recognise them and started learning the words and eventually they were stuck in my head 24/7.

Maybe I’m not obsessed with this musical in the way that you’d imagine- I do follow several of the cast members on Twitter and Instagram, I have liked the Facebook page, I have added the music on Spotify, and even YouTube has some Hamilton related videos which it recommends me to watch again. However, I’m not fluent with all the words, I don’t find myself reading every single news article about Hamilton and its cast members at ridiculous hours of the morning, and I don’t dream that one day I will become best friends with Lin-Manuel Miranda. I mean, that would be amazing, but I haven’t fantasized about that. Yet.

Although, I have just googled him and he actually has the same birthday as one of my best friends!

The point is that I love this musical, even though I haven’t seen it live yet, and I like to think of this as more of a healthy obsession. After all, there are worse things I could be addicted to.

-The Storyteller


2 thoughts on “Obsessions”

  1. *flings open window* HAMILTOOON
    Yeah. I’ve been pretty obsessed with it since about August/September, although it has sort of come and gone. It’s honestly just such a great musical — I mean, LMM is a crazy good songwriter, and also also joins us in musical theatre geekery — and THE CAST. AAH. They are all amazing. Overall, I just really, really like Hamilton. *coughs* And it’s supposed to be coming to the West End in 2017 which is super exciting!

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