Feeling Productive

Hey guys!

The first few days of May have been really great here in England, the sun is out, and the past 48 hours for me have been super productive. Not so much on the blogging side of things, but in other areas of my life I’ve been on top of things and I’m actually feeling really happy, even though I’ve got an exam in one week tomorrow…

Since coming back to university, or rather just before coming back to university, I’ve been setting my alarm at 8am, so that means if I have things to do then I can get ready as soon as possible, or maybe if I’m feeling lazy or still feeling a bit tired, I’ll have a lie in, which usually lasts up to an hour maximum! Yesterday I booked a doctor’s appointment on my own for the first time over the phone so I’ll be doing that tomorrow morning. I had originally planned to walk down to the surgery in town because I don’t like talking to people over the phone that much, but then I thought calling them would save time, and it would also mean that I don’t have to worry about other patients in the waiting room listening to what I had to say. Not that they would, but I kept worrying that it would be dead silent and I would be really awkward.

Then I went and picked up a couple of dresses which I ordered from whilst I was still at home, but I accidentally forgot to change the delivery address to my home address instead of the university one, so I had to wait a couple of days until I had actually come back here. Both of the dresses fit, which was fabulous, and then I had the hard choice of choosing which one to wear to the Performing Arts Awards (which will be referred to as PAW Awards from now on, and I will tell you more about that later). So, because I couldn’t decide, I took pictures and sent them to my friend, and she chose the red dress. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen the dress I wore.

After that we had rehearsals for the night, because all the sub societies had to go over their performances quickly, so because I’m in two societies it took about half an hour. Then I went to the library to meet with some of my course buddies to do some revision and essay editing. We spent an hour in the library, and then we went to the learning cafe which is a space where you can work casually on the computers, and there’s no pressure in having to be quiet. You are also allowed to eat food there (hence learning cafe) so we spent about 2 more hours there, before I felt it was time to head back to my flat and start getting my things ready.

I also went and picked up three pieces of work, all of which I did fairly well in. I got my annotated bibliography back, which I was really worried about because I hadn’t written one before. However, everyone I spoke to wasn’t sure about it either. So, when I found I got a mark of 59 I wasn’t to bummed out. If you’re looking at that mark, and wondering why I wasn’t upset about it, I’ll give you a brief explanation of how British universities mark work:

Below 40%- Fail
40-49% – 3rd
50-59% – 2.2 (or low second)
60-69% – 2.1 (or high second)
70+ – 1st

So I didn’t do too badly. I was just annoyed because I wish I’d been given one more mark to round it up to a 2.1, but at least I passed. Now I just need to give in my other essay for that module tomorrow morning and then I will have no more essays for the year! The second pieces of work I got back were both for my creative non fiction module, in which I wrote a memoir, and also had to write an essay alongside it. I got 60% for the creative piece, and 64% for the essay which is so far my second highest mark of the year. (Or at least, the second highest mark that counts… but that’s another story!)

When I got back I started doing some revision for my exam, as I had printed off the paper when I was in the learning cafe. By the way, we are allowed to see our paper before the exam, which is why I printed it off! I’m not cheating! Anyway, I found the two extracts I want to talk about and started highlighting quotes which I thought would be relevant, and then made notes both on the page and on my laptop, and highlighted more things, and added theorists and critics and quotes. I’m just going to have to look through them and find a way to memorize them…

And then it was time to get ready for PAW awards…

I went down to my friend’s house with my things to get ready, and stopped on route to get a panini, because I realized I wouldn’t be having anything to eat otherwise, and also a bag of popcorn which is still to be eaten. So for a good hour or so, my friend’s room became a hair and make-up station/walk in cupboard. The actual getting ready part wasn’t TOO interesting, so I’ll fast forward a bit. Everyone was waiting outside my friend’s flat, and when I say everyone, I literally mean everyone. Everyone from the acting society, singing, and dance. On our way up to the venue I got a compliment from one of the ex-leaders of Glee (the singing society I’m in), and she said that I have a really nice figure. A bit later on, I was talking to another one of my friends who’s in third year and I was saying how when I buy things from, I usually get black, because I trust black. Especially when it comes to dresses. So red for me was going out of my comfort zone a little bit. But she said that red is a good colour on me, so I think I’ll try it more often!

I didn’t actually win any awards, but I was nominated for Most Improved for Let’s Act which was a surprised because I didn’t think I would be nominated for anything. But the overall night was enjoyable, and it was so nice to see everyone all dressed up.

So that was my very productive, and surprisingly not very stressful day yesterday. Plus, the sun was out which made me feel even happier, even though I am starting to get hay fever which just shows that summer is on it’s way!

-The Storyteller


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