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the best thing a girl can be… is a fool

Hey guys!

I am constantly making a fool out of myself, and unfortunately, being at university hasn’t changed a single thing about that. The easiest way to go around this, I have found, is to just laugh it off. Seriously, it’ll make you feel better and it’ll also make it look like you don’t care that much, even if inside you just want to curl up into a ball and cry. (Trust me, this has happened to me more times than I can count!)

But today I wanted to share with you a video my friend filmed of me while I was getting ready for a showcase I was in at university. She started filming me putting on my make-up, so I decided to turn it into a mockery of all the beauty/make-up tutorial videos you get out there, and I personally feel that I unleashed my inner beauty guru.

Just so you’re aware, Savage Janet is my university nickname, along with Dammit Janet. Don’t ask!

What do you think? I personally think it’s comedy gold, but then I would say that though, wouldn’t I?

I hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you’re someone who constantly makes a fool of themself, then I hope this makes you feel better. At least you don’t have a video of you doing a fake make-up tutorial on the internet!

-The Storyteller


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