(Slightly) Less Stressed

Hey guys!

I’m back! (Kind of). I say kind of, because I came back from my lecture at about 2:30pm, and I logged onto WordPress, and I just thought “I have nothing to say”.

That’s what I worry about when I’m away from my blog for too long, because I get out of the routine and I just forget how to blog. How do I even blog? I mean, yeah, my blog is literally a selection of my ramblings and thoughts and the occasional review and “advice” post, but even then I do get writer’s block on a regular basis.

HOWEVER. I am in such a good mood right now, because it’s a beautiful day outside (although I’ve spent the last hour or so in my room on my laptop with the curtains shut doing work) and I’m listening to my “Motivational Essay Writing Playlist” on Spotify, which is mostly full of feel good songs, and I’ve done the majority of my final creative writing piece which is due in on the 1st April. So in terms of university work, I’m not that stressed out. I think it’s mainly because we have three weeks until the end of term and then we get a month off for Easter Break.

My harder essays have all been given in. All I’ve got left to do now is this final creative writing piece, and then I have to come back for three weeks after Easter for our exam period, in which I have one essay due, an exam, and a presentation. And then that will be my first year of University finished!

2016 is already a really good year for me. I’ve said this so many times before, but in comparison to my state this time last year, I am feeling so much better. I’m stressed, yes, because of essays and things, but it’s no where near as bad as how I was feeling during A-levels. My main goal is to pass all of my modules, because they don’t count towards our final degree. So that’s a good thing when we have particularly hard assignment because all you have to do is pass it, and it won’t really matter too much.

I’m also getting my module choices for second year on Monday, and I got an email the other day from a lecturer who teaches Victorian Fictions, and when I saw the Jungle Book I was instantly sold. So I’m going to be extra prepared and read all of the required books over the summer because we have so much time to do so! (Well, I say that I’m going to do that… I’ll get back to you)

Okay I think I’m over my writer’s block now. I’m suddenly really excited about telling you all the things I’m going to be getting up to!

But for now, I will have to leave it there. I have a tech rehearsal for a showcase I’m doing over the weekend for the acting society, and then next weekend we have a showcase for the singing society so although I’m less busy academically, I’m really busy in my social life! Plus tonight there is a Disney themed party at the Student Union and I’m going as Ariel, so make sure you follow my Instagramย because I can almost guarantee that you’ll see a picture on there somewhere!

All for now!

-The Storyteller


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