24 Hours in Bristol

Hey guys!

I am currently in Bristol (if you hadn’t already guessed by the title) because this evening I am seeing Foxes (the singer) with one of my best friends from school who I haven’t seen since September. That’s basically six months where we haven’t had a proper face-to-face conversation.

I’m feeling like an actual adult right now, because I had to get the train from Winchester to Southampton, then Southampton to Bristol on my own, and then when I got to Bristol I had to navigate my way around the city centre to find the hotel and I managed to do all of that without getting lost! On a side-note, I know I am 19 and I know that technically makes me a legal adult anyway, but I still feel like I should not be responsible for so many things, so this is kind of an accomplishment because… well, this is me we’re talking about.

At the moment I am waiting for my friend to arrive, and I’m thinking I might order a Domino’s even though I had two last week but I’m so hungry right now because all I’ve had to eat today is a packet of Quavers and a Wispa chocolate. Remember when I said I feel like an adult? I think I’m still learning how to adult. Apparently I can’t even have breakfast on time…

It’s times like these when I like having a mid-week-weekend, because not only does it give me four whole days to get my work done, but it also means that when I have time, I can actually go out and socialize with people I haven’t seen in ages (if they’re free). Since I’ve been at the hotel, I’ve done one piece of work which was to write a memoir in 750 words (mine was 800 but it’s close enough, eh?) and I’m planning to start my second essay which is due in next Thursday. Then if I have time, I’m going to go through my first essay which I finished on the weekend, and edit it like crazy because I’m now really paranoid that I’ve done it all wrong. Plus, it’s due in this Thursday…

So my 24 hours in Bristol isn’t exactly a mini holiday, but I do think it’s going to be a good break away from campus and Winchester life in general.

As I said in my last post, I can’t say for sure how often I’m going to be posting in the next month or so, but please bare with me! I am still around, but I need to prioritize my university work over my blog, unfortunately. But just you wait until the end of May when I’ll have finished all one of my exams! Then I will be free to blog like I always have done!

-The Storyteller


1 thought on “24 Hours in Bristol”

  1. Sounds amazing! I hope you have a good time! The crepe place on the fountain section by the harbour do amazing crepes for breakfast and there are some super cute habour based cafes and even restaurants :D. I’m assuming you’ll be at the O2 so be careful around frog more street (I SOUND LIKE SUCH A MUM). Have a great time 😀

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