I’m Still Here!

Hey guys!

At the moment I’m nearing the halfway point of my 2,000 word essay (well, technically it’s an Annotated Bibliography. Yeah, I don’t really get it either), and all I’ve been thinking about is how much I miss writing on here on a regular basis!

This is the first piece of work that is due this semester, and it is due on Thursday 3rd March. My next essay draft is due in on the 4th March, and the actual essay date is the 10th of March. My next two pieces of work are both for the same module, and both are due in on April 1st. SO that makes my life incredibly busy right now.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, and I’m thinking that the next few posts (whenever they will be) will be quite short as well. I mean, I’m paying £9000 to be at university, and I haven’t failed any assignments yet, so unfortunately my blog is no longer my number 1 priority. That makes me sad, but I am home for the month of April, so when I’m not revising for my exam or practicing for my presentation in May, I will hopefully be able to write on here a lot more!

Again, I’m sorry I haven’t been around that much. But I will be back soon. I promise. Just think of this as a mini-hiatus thing. I think I’ve done something like that before, but this isn’t the end of my blog! Trust me, if I was thinking of ending my blog I would let you know about it first, I wouldn’t just disappear off the face of the internet! (Or would I…?)

-The Storyteller


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