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Hey guys!

So, a few days ago, (on the 6th of Feb), it was the one year anniversary of when I passed my practical driving test. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been driving legally for one whole year!

Even though I’ve had my license for just over 12 months, I still feel like I haven’t been driving for very long. I wouldn’t say I’m a really shy, nervous driver now, but I definitely used to be! I think I worried my driving instructor because whenever we had to something new, like going on the dual carriageway or going into Exeter or doing a parallel park, I would always make a face and he’d always be like “you’re not really filling me with confidence right now, Janet…”

I passed my test on my second attempt, and to be honest I thought I’d failed it. I thought I had more chance of passing my first test than my second one but apparently not!

Even now, a year later, I still don’t like driving on the motorway. To be fair, you’re not allowed to drive on the motorway when you’re learning, so you don’t actually get to experience what it’s like until you actually pass. It’s not hugely different from the dual carriageway, but the reason I’m not a huge fan of the motorway is because there’s more lanes, more cars, and more trucks and buses and things and my car isn’t always the fastest either so… I just get very stressed out when I have to drive on the motorway, especially when it’s busy!

But even though there are things I dislike about driving (*cough* parking *cough*) there are times when I miss it. I’m not going to go home until Easter at the earliest, so I still have about a month where I can’t drive!

Driving is very useful, especially if you’re like me and lived in the countryside, away from bigger towns and cities. I would recommend learning if you get the chance!

-The Storyteller



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