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Hey guys!

I’ve written about dieting a couple of times on my blog in the past, and more recently I wrote a post about why I’m not a vegan. Let’s just say I got quite a big response from the vegans of WordPress and… not all of them agreed with my points. This post isn’t an argument against veganism, but I am going to bring it up again just because I think the whole thing is an interesting topic to discuss.

I’m still not a vegan, so in the few months that have passed since I wrote that post, nothing has really changed. I have friends at home and at university who are vegans, and my university vegan friend often brings up why she is a vegan, but I don’t get annoyed with her because I don’t feel like she’s forcing me to change my diet (and if she is, I haven’t picked up on it). I’m not against being vegan- I think if it’s something you want to do, then go and do it. But it’s not right for me.

Now we’re going to talk about dieting. I keep saying to my friends that I want to eat healthier, but I don’t want to go on a diet. The term “dieting” for me…. it kind of puts me off really, because it makes me feel like I need to lose weight. I don’t want to eat healthier to lose weight, I just want to eat healthier because since being at university, I know for a fact that my eating habits are not as good as they were when I was at home!

The other thing I dislike about dieting is that a lot of them are absolutely ridiculous. You get “Doctors” saying that all you need to lose weight is to cut out carbohydrates, and you get others saying all you need to eat is fat, or just protein… it’s stupid. The only way you’re going to lose weight is by eating a balanced diet and by doing enough exercise. It’s really that simple.

I am a massive food fan, and more recently, I have become a huge fan of Domino’s Pizza (it helps that in Winchester, they deliver until 3am). When I say a “fan”, I mean borderline addict. Last week I had about 3 pizzas and when I wasn’t actually eating the pizza, I was probably thinking about it. It’s easy to get into that habit, and eating pizza everyday is not the right way to a healthy diet! It’s obvious but when the pizza is so good… it’s quite easy to think “Oh, I’ve had a healthy lunch today, I’ll have a Domino’s to celebrate”.

The main reason I don’t think I could ever commit to being a full-time vegan, is because I love cheese too much. I know you get all sorts of vegan cheeses which are suitable for vegans, but… it’s not really the same.

This turned out to be a bit of a random post, but I think it’s quite an interesting thing to talk about. I think discussing veganism is genuinely interesting, and I like listening to the reasons behind why different people have chosen to become vegan. But it’s just not for me. Maybe I’ll go vegetarian one day, but for now I’m happy and that’s what’s important.

-The Storyteller


5 thoughts on “Food and Diet and Stuff”

  1. I’m going through a similar dielema of wanting to eat healthy but not wanting to diet. Even though I love food, eating unhealthily makes me unhappy in the longterm. I’m a vegetarian and I’m planning to be vegan in the future, but I seriosuly love chocolate and cheese so so much, I’ll sort of miss it.

      1. Especially with all the student/lunchtime deals! I’m down to once a fortnight but then there are terrible weeks where its 3-4 take outs a week. I seriously need to start a regular weekly shopping day to avoid these blunders…

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