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I Don’t Know?!

Hey guys!

I feel like over the years of me blogging, it has definitely helped me to express my thoughts because when I try and explain them to someone face-to-face, the words can’t seem to come out because I don’t know how to say them to another human being. That sounds really weird, but bare with. When I write, I can actually take the time to think about what it is I’m trying to say.

I would say I’m an honest person, but sometimes when people ask what I’m thinking, I just say I don’t know because if it’s something about that person, I don’t want to hurt their feelings, so I just say nothing. I mean, saying nothing isn’t exactly lying, right? But then I feel guilty because the person may have a right to know.

That’s not exactly the point. The point is that writing a blog has been one of the best things for me in terms of trying to get to grips with my thoughts. When I write for an audience, it means I have to write my thoughts down in a way that everyone will be able to clearly understand it, and it means I can’t just sit there um-ing and ahh-ing. It means I can make sense of my thoughts too.

One of my friends says that I confuse them, and my answer is always “I confuse me too”. I didn’t study psychology, I don’t have an understanding of the mind, and I think my brain is just a confusing one. I hate trying to explain my thoughts when I haven’t even had time to think about them myself, so if you’re someone like me, then my advice is to just write. It doesn’t have to be on a blog if you don’t want the world to know your thoughts, but you can keep a diary, or just write something in a notebook, then tear out the piece of paper and throw it in the bin. I think writing is a really good way to make sense of complicated thoughts and ideas because it makes you think about what it is you want to say.

My friend also gets annoyed when I say “I don’t know”. Well, they don’t get annoyed, they just… question it.
“What are you thinking?”
“I don’t know…”
“You don’t know? What don’t you know?”
And then I feel like I have to answer them otherwise it would be rude. I don’t know why I think that, because sometimes I genuinely don’t have anything to say, and my thoughts are my thoughts, so I shouldn’t have to tell anyone what I’m thinking if I don’t want to.

The point of this post is just to say if you often find yourself getting headaches over trying to make sense of your mind, then I think writing is the best therapy for it. As much as I like talking to people face-to-face, it’s not always easy for some people to get their point across through speech. Sometimes if I have something important I need to tell someone, I’d rather do it over text or on Facebook, because of the same reasons I have a blog- for me, writing things out is a lot easier.

I don’t know if this post is useful to anyone, or if it makes any sense at all. I hope it does, seeing as the whole point of this post was about making sense of things through writing… what do you think?

-The Storyteller


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Know?!”

  1. omg!! This is just like me, I’m pretty fine with expressing myself through writing but when someone asks me in person about something, my go-to response is I don’t know. I don’t mean I don’t know, it’s just that nothing is clear in my mind. It’s a big mess of thoughts and nothing at the same time.

  2. Yes! This is so me! As soon as someone asks me something, I always reply with I don’t know or something like that, but if someone messages me a question, I always have a proper answer because I can think of a good answer

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