January Update

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been away for a few days, I’ve been a bit busy catching up on essays which I had a whole month to do but only started one of them last week, and packing all of my things to come back to university on the same day that I was meant to be coming back to university, and collecting two more essays from last semester which I was surprised to find out I hadn’t failed in, I had my birthday… it’s been kind of hectic, but at the same time it feels like I’ve been doing absolutely nothing.

Settling into semester two is almost like settling into semester one, except I already know people here so there isn’t that sense of being completely alone. I no longer have Fridays off, so that means I don’t have a three day weekend anymore which is sad, but I do get Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, which is okay. I’m still getting used to my timetable for this semester, and I’m not sure if I like it. They’ve gone and made the most complicated timetable which, for me, is a bad thing, because I not only get confused fairly easily, but I have also become a bit forgetful (I blame university 100% for that, because I swear I wasn’t forgetful before I came here). Most of the time, my lectures are on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, which is fine. But for one of my Thursday lectures in week 12 (the last week of term) they’ve gone and put it on a Tuesday at 9am. All of my lectures start at 12 except that one. The other thing, is that in a different lecture, every two weeks I don’t have a lecture on that day. If it alternating every week that would be okay, because we had that last semester and I managed that okay, but every two weeks? That’s pushing it a little bit.

I picked up two assignments from last semester this morning, both of which I passed (one of which I did way better in than the other, but I still passed it so it’s okay!) and I got 61% in my creative writing assignment which is a 2:1 at university, which is kind of like getting a B at school, which means it’s my second 2:1 so far. I think… is 61% a 2:1? It’s something like that, but it’s a good grade and I was happy with it, even though I was certain my lecturer wouldn’t like my short story. His comments kind of confirmed my worries, but he still gave me a good grade so there must’ve been something good about it!

Mondays are now my least favourite day of the week, because even though I start at 12pm rather than 9am, I have five hours of lectures almost back to back. It’s like being back at school, but when you haven’t had five hour days for the past three years, and you’re constantly taking notes… you get tired very quickly. I started at 12, and finished at 6pm, which gave me an hour and a half to get food and change before I went to Let’s Glee, one of the performing arts societies, and straight after that I went to the Silent Disco, the first party of the year. Obviously I won’t be going to parties every Monday night, but it’s safe to say I was pretty dead this morning.

What else happened…. it was my birthday on Friday, and it was my first birthday away from my sister (I’m a twin, if you didn’t already know) because she had to go back to university a week before me. On the Thursday I went out with some friends to watch The Danish Girl, and the only criticism I had with it was that I thought it would be more sad… Which is weird because two of my friends said they cried in it, so maybe it was just me. Then we went out to Zizzi’s, which is this really nice Italian restaurant and had a catch up which was nice. I also accidentally guessed what my sister got me as a present, which was tickets to go and see Adam Lambert in April and I’m super excited about that because Adam Lambert is one of my favourite artists and I’ve wanted to see him live since my cousins saw him when he went to Cape Town, and when he played with Queen in London for New Years Eve last year… it’ll also be my first gig of 2016! So that’s going be good.

So that’s been my week in a nutshell… I feel like more has happened but as I said, I did feel like I haven’t done much either… I think once the introductory lectures are out of the way then things will start falling back into some sort of structure, but for now, I’ll probably just post whenever I can, so don’t worry about me!

-The Storyteller


8 thoughts on “January Update”

  1. Well done on your university grade. 🙂
    I love Zizzi’s! There are a lot of restaurant’s in town for me, and I haven’t been to Zizzi’s in a while, might have to pay a visit soon!

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