Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Hey guys!

One of the things I am really good at, is leaving Christmas Shopping to the very last minute. Last year, my family went Christmas Shopping on the 23rd December, and the same thing is going to happen this year. I heard that the 23rd December is the busiest day for Christmas Shopping, so obviously it can’t be that unusual.

Anyway, if you haven’t finished your Christmas Shopping yet (or if you’re like me and you haven’t even started), there is no need to panic! Today’s Blogmas post is all about how it is possible to get something for everyone in your family the day before Christmas Eve.

I’ve said before in a post that my family has this tradition when it comes to Christmas shopping- we all go into Exeter, our nearest city, to get everything we need within an hour or so, and then we go and get a coffee. So the first thing you need to do is set a day and a time that suits you. If you’re going with someone else who happens to be the person you need to buy a gift for, then set a meeting place so you can buy their present without them seeing what it is.

Point number two: Don’t worry if the thing you wanted to get someone is no longer on the shelves. There will be other things you can get, you will just need to look a bit longer. So before you go shopping, it’s always good to have a gift idea in mind, but just make sure you have a back-up plan, just in case.

My final point when it comes to Last Minute Christmas Shopping is don’t do it online. It is incredibly unlikely to arrive before Christmas, so if you really want to get this online thing as a present for someone, then you’ll either have to wait until next year, or give it to them as a birthday present. If you want to order something online and it’s the night before Christmas Eve, it’ll just be awkward trying to explain to them why they don’t have a Christmas present from you. And no one wants that, do they?

So those are three Last Minute Christmas Shopping tips I have for you! I hope it helped, and good luck!

-The Storyteller


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