Receiving Presents

Hey guys!

As Christmas is a time of present giving, I thought that I should write a Blogmas post about receiving gifts, rather than what you should get people (I mean, I have already done a post on that!)

Most of the time, the presents you get from people will be things you like, such as a new jumper, new shoes, your favourite artist’s new album, a DVD… but there are occasions where you’ll get things and you’re not really sure how to react because it’s… not quite what you had in mind.

If you get something that you don’t like, but the person giving you the present is really excited about it, don’t tell them that you don’t like it. Because it sucks being in that position. Obviously if they gave you something that was really offensive then you don’t have to like it, but if you are given a mug or something, and you don’t like mugs that much… I don’t know… you could be given worse things!

So thank the person. They’ve spent time and money on you, and they didn’t have to get you anything at all, so you should be thankful. Plus, mugs are useful so it’s not like it’ll never be used. When the person comes round, you can offer to give them a cup of tea in the mug they got you for Christmas, so it’s really a win-win situation!

I know it’s awkward at this time of year when you get something you don’t particularly like, because you don’t want to be rude to the person who gave you the present. Just bare in mind that this might be a one off- maybe next year they’ll get you a better gift.

I’m not saying to lie to the person who gave you a present you don’t like, I’m just saying that it really sucks when you’re the one who has gone out to look for a present for someone, only to have them being rude and unappreciative about your gift to them. So if you want to avoid being in this situation, one of the things you can do is start hinting at things you might want early on. Let the person know what kind of things you like and dislike, because then they should hopefully be able to find something that you’ll like.

So those are just some of my tips about how you should receive presents. Don’t be mean about a gift, because something is always better than nothing.

-The Storyteller


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