Family Traditions

Hey guys!

I wrote in one of my previous Blogmas posts that around this time of year, people do certain things and they become a tradition, so for Blogmas Day 9 I wanted to talk about what my family does on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and if there’s time I’ll talk about what we do on the days leading up to and after Christmas.

Firstly, on Christmas Eve we’ve always done this thing where everyone is allowed to open one present from under the tree. I don’t remember when we started doing this, but it’s something we’ve always done. In yesterday’s post you might remember I said that sometimes we go to travelling at around this time of year, but more often than not we try and avoid going to other countries on Christmas Eve/Day because it is a time to be at home. It also means that you don’t have to worry about your family’s presents going missing!

On Christmas morning, we still get stockings (you’re never too old for stockings) so we open those before going downstairs and opening the main presents and having breakfast.

For Christmas Day, I think it’s fairly obvious that we go to a family member’s house and have a Christmas meal, and open presents. When we were younger, we went to my gran’s old house and we’d meet up with my aunt and my two uncles, and do the usual. In more recent years, my gran moved to live closer to us and for a few years she would do all of the hard work, but now my aunt and uncle and my family usually do the hosting.

As I said, we don’t always go away for actual Christmas, and this year we are going to Scotland for New Years Eve (or Hogminay… I’ve never been to Hogminay before, but I have been to Scotland. It’s been years though, so I’m really looking forward to it!) I do enjoy going away during the holidays, because you can do something different, and it means you’re not just sitting around in the house for a few weeks.

Our final family tradition is Christmas Shopping. I’ve saved this one for last, although it’s usually one of the first things we do… Anyway, last year we went Christmas shopping on the 23rd December, which was pushing it a little bit, but we still managed to get something for everyone. Our family usually goes around Exeter for an hour or so, and then we all meet at Costa’s for a coffee and a cake, and then we go home. It’s great!

Those are the things my family does at this time of year. What do you guys do? Are your family traditions similar or different?

-The Storyteller



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