Holiday Homework

Hey Guys!

Blogmas Day 7! I’ve managed to go a whole week without forgetting to write a post! I am proud of myself!

Anyway, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking forward to the holidays which are fast approaching. You can now have a well deserved break from school and work… oh no wait… you can’t. Because teachers and lecturers like to make your holidays even better by giving you a massive workload to do… it wouldn’t be Christmas without it though, right?

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have Holiday Homework. This year I’m quite lucky, as I only have two essays to write. One of them is already written but is still very much a draft, so that only really leaves me with one essay to start from scratch for the holidays. But I still have a reading list for next semester and it would probably be a good idea for me to get ahead and do some reading for that… (but let’s just see how that goes!)

I can see why teachers set us homework over the holidays, but at the same time… it’s a holiday! I don’t want to do work anyway, let alone do it over a few weeks when I’m supposed to be spending time with family and not stuck up in my room doing work.

There isn’t an easy way around this one. But it can be done. Some of you probably know that I’m not a fan of making my own revision timetables, but it is a good idea. Obviously Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are for celebrating so leave those days free of work. But just set yourself a couple of hours a day to try and get through your workload and whatever you do, don’t leave it for the last minute. You don’t want to be stressed during the holidays! Also, there’s no harm in starting early. You are allowed to start doing essays before you go on holiday, but just make sure you prioritize. So don’t just start one essay which is due after Christmas because it sounds more fun than the one you’re supposed to be writing for the last day of term!

I know this isn’t exactly “Christmassy” but I thought it would be a useful post for some of you, especially those who are at GCSE or A-level and stressing about the workload your teachers have set. It can be done, so don’t worry too much. Worrying will only make it worse!

-The Storyteller


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