Christmas Films

Hey guys!

I have a feeling this Blogmas post is going to be fairly similar to the one I wrote the other day about my feelings towards Christmas Songs but let’s just see where this goes…

I wouldn’t say that the Christmas Film Genre is my favourite, because I often find that they’re all too similar. Which, I guess, is the point…

But there’s something about Chistmas films. I mean, there has to be, else why would they be so successful? I like watching Christmas films because they’re usually ones that we all know- like The Muppets Christmas Carol, or Elf- so in a way, it becomes tradition for us to watch them and we love them because in our eyes, they’re classics. And everyone loves a good classic Christmas film. (Just FYI, I’m not including Frozen, because it is not a Christmas film. I mean, the characters say it themselves… it’s set in summer!)

I think my family has a big influence on how I view Christmas films. I wouldn’t say we’re all mad about them, and none of us would be particularly upset if we missed the BBC 1 showing of Love Actually on Christmas Eve or whatever… It’s a film, so we can watch it at any other time. (Although watching a Christmas film at Christmas makes the most logical sense…)

Finally, I think it’s great watching Christmas films with a Christmas Film Enthusiast. I think it makes you enjoy the film more by watching their reaction, or if they mime the words along with the characters… I just find it funny to watch them get so excited. I mean, I do that as well whenever it comes to me watching Tangled…

What are your thoughts on Christmas Films?

-The Storyteller


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