My Favourite Season

Hey guys!

I’ve mentioned a number of times before why Winter is my favourite season, but I thought I’d sum it all up in one post for you.

I’ve always preferred cold weather to hot weather, mainly because I can’t sleep when it gets too hot and humid. I love winter because it means you can wrap up in as many blankets as possible, you can go to bed in your slippers, you can sleep in your Onesie… you can be as snug as you like!

The second reason I love winter so much is because it means that there is more chance of snow. I freaking love when it snows (which isn’t very often in the South of England, believe it or not). It meant we could get days off school, and when I was younger we’d sometimes go to my friend’s house because she lives on a hill, and we’d go sledding. One year we tried building an Igloo but we didn’t get very far… We also had this great hill behind our house where we’d go sledding as well and it was always so much fun. There was one time, me, my sister and my friend tried attaching two sleds together to make it like a rocket. My friend was at the front, I think I was in the middle and my sister at the back, and no matter how hard we tried, it just didn’t work out the way we’d planned.

The third reason why I love winter is because it means you can have as many hot chocolates as you like. This is a good thing for me because I am a hot chocolate addict. It’s just so good… I think so far I’ve had at least one hot chocolate per day and I’m not even sorry.

So those are just some of the things that make winter my favourite season. What’s your favourite season? Make sure to give me your reasons… if you don’t it would be like treason… (I’m bored, don’t judge me.)

-The Storyteller


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Season”

  1. Winter is my favourite season but I think its mainly because of Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of year. The lights, the snow, the festivities – its always a lot of fun. It was snowing up here last night but it had disappeared by morning.

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