The Little Prince

Hey guys!

So when I did A-level French, one of the things I had to study was this book called “Le Petit Prince”, which in English translates to “The Little Prince” and I’m sure many of you have heard of it before, but if not, it’s this children’s book about a pilot who meets this boy in the desert, who is called the Little Prince, and the pilot learns about the Little Prince’s life, and where he’s from, and it’s really cute, and the trailer for the film has finally been released!

Having studied the book, I am so excited for the film adaptation to come out, and to be honest, when I first saw the trailer I was so confused, because I was like… when was there a little girl in the book? But it does make sense when you watch the rest of the trailer, and I really like how they’ve added this aspect into it.

The thing I’m most excited for is the animation. I love how the drawings are different to the main characters, and it’s different when the pilot is telling the girl about the Little Prince. I think it has such a good effect on the whole film (well… trailer… but still) and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the film has to offer.

-The Storyteller


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