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Current Favourite TV Shows

Hey guys!

I love watching TV, and I always feel like I don’t watch it very often because whenever people ask me what my favourite TV show is, I always struggle to answer. But that’s not because I don’t watch a lot of TV, it’s because I watch too much TV, it’s all just dependent on when they are airing. In the UK, for example, all the good TV shows come out around this time of year, so I spend the other half of the year complaining that there is never anything good on TV.

But enough with the rambling. It’s time to talk about TV shows.

  1. American Horror Story
    This is one I started watching back in August, and I am still only 5 episodes into series one. I know, I know, but I just don’t have the time to catch up just yet. I love things that are really creepy, and American Horror Story is weird and wonderful and just… strange. I love it. And I’ve only watched 5 episodes. There’s something intriguing about it.
  2. The 100
    This is one I’ve also started watching recently. My friend suggested I watch it because I was talking to her about my short story I have to write for one of my modules, and she said it reminded her of this TV show called “The 100”, which is a science fiction TV show about 100 teenagers who are sent to Earth to try and see if it’s sustainable for humans to live there again. It’s really good.
  3. Downton Abbey
    Of course, I love Downton. I haven’t been able to watch the newest series, because of university and being busy, but I am going to get it on DVD, because I have watched every single episode but one from the very beginning and I can’t not watch the last ever series.
  4. The Apprentice
    I haven’t always watched The Apprentice, but I can’t remember when I started watching it… it’s one of those shows where whenever I watch it, I always think that I would always be amazing, and I would always be on the winning team, and I would be the obvious choice to win the whole show and go into business with Lord Alan Sugar. I have no background in business, but I just love watching it because the first few episodes are always hilarious, because you always get that one person who everyone hates and you always wonder why Lord Sugar accepted them to come onto the show in the first place.
  5. Supernatural
    My sister would never let it go if I didn’t put Supernatural as one of my favourite TV shows. I’ve only gotten to series 5 (I’m still to watch the finale) but I love the drama and the tension and the gore and the monsters… the creators of this show are all amazing and I wish I was able to write and produce and do everything as well as they do. It’s such a good TV show. It’s not fair.

There are of course more than five TV shows that I love- Doctor Who, Sherlock, New Girl (another one which I’ve recently started watching), Luther… there are so many great shows out there, and I wish I had time to watch them all. But unfortunately, I don’t, because I’m studying to get a degree. So I need to prioritize.

What are some of your favourite TV shows?

-The Storyteller


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