A Weekend at Home

Hey guys!

I’ve just got back from my first visit back home, and I think it was well worth it.

I left on Thursday afternoon after my lecture, and as it was Bonfire Night, I was excited because I was able to go to Tar Barrels, which is my Hometown’s tradition every year. If you don’t know what Tar Barrels is, it’s basically where people (certain people who have lived there for so many years, so not just anyone) carry a flaming tar barrel on their backs, and the easiest way to picture it is like a relay race, except you’re running through crowds of people, and it’s not a race. No one wins anything.

There is also a bonfire, which is set on fire at 6pm, but I only got into town at about 20:15 so I missed it, and there is a fair ground, so there is something for everyone. I met up with some of my old school friends, which was really great because I hadn’t seen two of them in seven weeks, so the catch up was so good. I also met up with another school friend who was in my form last year, and is in the year below me, and we’re both from South Africa which is kind of how we became friends in the first place. But yeah, talking to him was really nice as well and just being back and relaxing was a lot better than I’d thought it would be.

On Friday I had a doctor’s appointment (don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with me), and then I had a haircut, which was much needed, because I was going to have it cut before I left for university but I managed to not get around to it. So it’s a lot shorter than it was, and a bit shorter than I wanted it to be, but the job has been done. I’ve tied it up now, and it’s really curly… or not curly, but very wavy.

My mum’s graduation for her Certificate in Education was on Friday afternoon, which was the main reason I went back home, and that was really good. She was the second one to go up, because our surname begins with B, so for the next hour or so, it was just clapping for everyone else. But I found it interesting to see what courses people were graduating in (which probably makes me sound really lame…)

Then we went to watch “Suffragette” which is so, so good, and I really recommend you to watch it. I’m probably going to write a review about it either tonight or tomorrow, but either way it’ll probably be up on my blog tomorrow! I liked it because I’d studied the Suffragettes in GCSE history, so revisiting it again three years later was good and it helped because I kind of knew some of the things they discussed in the film. But I’ll write more about that in the review!

So that was my weekend. I hope you’re all enjoying yours!

-The Storyteller


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