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How To: Halloween

Hey guys!

Tonight I am going to a Halloween party, hosted by one of my friends which will hopefully be really good, because I went to a different Halloween party last night organised by the Student Union and it was okay, but not the best… I think it was one of those where you had to be drunk to enjoy it. In saying that, the decorations were incredible, and the theme was “Phantom Pirates”, so I thought I’d write a quick post about simple, cheap and easy ways to dress up for Halloween.

So I already had a red and white stripy top, which is pretty convenient for most dressing up occasions. I wore it as Where’s Wally, and I’ve also worn it as a pirate, so who knows what it will be used for next time? I also wore some plain black jeans, and thankfully I asked my mum to bring up my pair of high heel boots on one of her visits so I had those as well. They were perfect because they have buckles on them, and there’s something pirate-y about them. The final part of the costume which I already owned was my coat I got in Dublin last year. It’s black, and I think it’s corduroy (it has that feel to it), and it’s almost like a corset at the back, and has these silver buttons on the front and on the sleeves. It pretty much screams “Pirate”.

So then I just had to accessorize. I went to the fancy dress shop and found a pirate hat thing for just under £2.99, and that was all I had to buy.

I then just used my own make up to try and make myself look more like a pirate. I used black eyeliner around my eyes to make them stand out, and I also wore red lipstick. The final thing I did was do little plaits in my hair on each side, and I also did a plait which was half up at the back… I don’t know if that makes any sense… I basically started doing a french plait, but after I plaited my hair a couple of times, I just did a normal plait for the rest of it, so most of my hair was down. Hopefully that makes more sense!


So there’s my simple Halloween costume! The only problem I have now is to think of another costume for the party I’m going to tonight! But I think I’m just going to wear a black dress because I don’t want to spend too much and I doubt there’ll be much left in the shops now anyway!

Happy Halloween!

-The Storyteller


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