Cheesy Business

Hey guys!

I’ve been in my new halls for 24 hours, which is weird… this time yesterday I was coming back from town with my mum with all of my new bedding (because I had to supply it all myself). As I said in yesterday’s post, I had already met some of my flat mates on Friday, and I met another person yesterday just in passing. My friend who lives on the top floor helped me move my stuff in, and once I had put everything somewhere suitable, I Skyped with some of my friends. At one point I heard my flat mates outside in the corridor while I was still on Skype, and I said to my friends that I felt like I should go and talk to them but I thought it would be really awkward because it sounded like they were just hanging out there. It turned out they had come to this part of the corridor to talk to me, but they “chickened out” at the last minute…

Then at about 20:30, my friend from upstairs, myself, and one of his flat mates ventured off to the pub to meet up with some more of their friends. We were at the pub until about 23:30, when someone got a phone call to say that there was a fire in our halls. Now, I had been told already that the fire alarm had been going off at ridiculous times in the morning, because someone on a lower floor had been putting cheese that was still in the plastic into the microwave, and then they left it there. Apparently on one of these occasions, there were flames in the microwave. So we came back from the pub- I also wanted to start heading back because I have 9am lectures on Mondays, and I also had my first presentation of the year, and I was the first in my seminar group to go first.

Anyway, I got back, and all of my flat mates were in the kitchen. By this point, I’d met all but one of them (I think anyway) so we were just chilling and complaining about the cheese culprit. There were still people out in the lobby/stairs area, and we could see what they were doing from where we were, just in case everyone started going outside or something. It was about 00:30 when I went to bed, but I couldn’t get to sleep for another hour or so. I think it was because I knew the fire alarm had been going off and it might have just been at the back of my mind that it might go off again.

So this morning when I got back from my lecture and seminar, I found that our microwave had been confiscated. Luckily I don’t have much microwavable food, apart from one can of baked beans, so I wasn’t too affected by it, and I’m also in catered housing (which basically means I don’t have to buy and cook my own food. Which is a bit of a shame because I like cooking, but oh well) so I can go and buy food on campus. When I came back again, I checked my emails to find that housing had sent everyone in my halls an email to say that they are going to review the situation, and they basically want the culprit to come forward.

And that is the drama I have faced over the last 24 hours. In the email they also said there are going to be some fire drills which I’m not looking forward to, but then I guess the drills won’t be at 2am…I’m not the culprit of the whole cheese in the microwave thing, because I only moved here yesterday so I doubt anyone thinks I did it. That would be awkward.

-The Storyteller


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