The Nostalgia Challenge

Hey guys!

I was emailed by the guys over at Man Crates, who are a company who make gifts for men (although I think some of their stuff looks pretty cool) which includes things like Retro Gamer Crates, and Crates with food in them, and all sorts of things, and they asked me to write a post about things that make me feel nostalgic. Things I look back on which bring a smile to my face.

You may remember I started a Flashback Friday series (which I’ve stopped because I got busy and I also ran out of ideas but shhh) so I thought I would write another post which links to both my mini-project and to what Man Crates emailed me about.

So I thought I’d start a tag, to make a top ten list of things which make me feel nostalgic, which can include toys, music and bands, tv shows and films… all the things that you often find myself reminiscing about from time to time. And at the end of it, you can tag as many or as few people as you like. So here is my list:

  1. Slinkys.
    If there is anyone here who doesn’t remember slinkys… I just… I can’t. Who doesn’t remember slinkys? I had a rainbow coloured one and it was always tangled up. And I would spend hours trying to untangle it, but I think I just made it worse. It still flopped down the stairs, even with it’s deformity but I will always remember how easy it was to tangle them up and I would always get so frustrated with it!
  2. Bop It.
    I never actually owned a Bop It, but my friend had one, and we would always fish it out the toy box whenever we went over. I think Bop It’s are part of the reason why I am so competitive these days. I’d like to say that it’s also why my hand-eye coordination is on point, but I think I’d be pushing it a bit too far…
  3. Tamagotchi’s.
    Tamagotchi’s were the craze when I was in primary school. I remember constantly asking my mum if I could have one, and she always said no. Until one day, I came home from school to find on my bed an orange and yellow Tamagotchi. I remember my first ever Tamagotchi was called Pixie, and that you could only give it a name with five letters in it (Or something like that). Looking back now, I don’t really understand why we loved them so much. They’re so annoying, and all they do is bob around and get hungry and they constantly beep at you if you don’t give them any attention… But they were so popular at school that they actually became banned, because the kids weren’t doing enough running around!
  4. Scoobies.
    I’m not sure if we just called them Scoobies, but that’s what they were called in my school. They were basically these rubber strings that you plaited together and tied them on your school bag or something. I remember taking ages to learn how to do them, and eventually got the hang of it, and became addicted. But the same thing happened as above, and Scoobies became banned in our school. It was a sad day for us all.
  5. Muzzy.
    My mum was determined for my siblings and I to learn French from a young age, so we got the Muzzy dvd set. Anyone else remember Muzzy? The big green… hairy… bear thing? Yeah. I don’t really remember what actually happened in most of the episodes, but I think there was one when he got arrested for something he didn’t do… or something… I’d have to look it up. But I think there was a King and a Prince and he would learn things in each episode. Basic kids stuff, right?
  6. Disney’s Robin Hood
    I’m talking about the one with the fox, because it will always remind my of my gran’s old house before she moved, and myself and my brother and sister watching it as a video, and having to rewind it all the way to the beginning… I don’t know what it is about Robin Hood that I remember so well… When I think about this film, the things that come to mind include the bits when Little John is whistling that song, and the badminton game at the beginning (I remember thinking it was meant to be tennis because I didn’t know what badminton was at the time!) and of course the part when he steals from the rich to give to the poor. For some reason, the snake reminds me of Smithers from the Simpsons. Anyone else?
  7. Alice in Wonderland
    Another Disney classic. But the reason I feel nostalgic when thinking about Alice in Wonderland is because it reminds me of my old house, and there was always a part in the film when Alice gets lost and she starts crying, and that part always made me cry, and I had to leave the room. I don’t know why… I think that part of the film is why I always panic when I get lost or go the wrong way. Who knows? Nowadays I love everything to do with Alice in Wonderland and I don’t cry when I watch it. At least I didn’t last time I watched it…
  8. Dried Apricots
    This is going to sound really weird, but dried apricots reminds me of being a child. It was one of those things we would have as snacks when we were little, and we’d just eat them constantly. It reminds me of South Africa as well… I don’t even know if it’s a South African thing but when I think of dried apricots I think of both South Africa and our first house. I haven’t eaten them for years now, but I can still distinctly remember the taste and the texture of them… And now I have a craving for some dried apricots!
  9. Barbie Computer Games
    Because I was such a cool gamer when I was a kid. My sister and I had a couple of Barbie computer games, including a Sleeping Beauty one, where you could be the prince and had to cut through the… spiky plants… what are they called? Someone please remind me! But it was like a maze and you had to get to the castle. There was another game I had which was like a Barbie Rancher one, and she had a horse and you could go riding in the forest, and there was this waterfall, and you could dress the Barbie in really cool outfits… and then the other Barbie game we had (at least I think it was Barbie) was this one at the Vet’s. I don’t remember much about this game, but I remember there was this one activity where you were one of the tortoises in the tank, and you had to beat the other tortoise in getting to the end of the maze thing. And I think you would get a biscuit if you won.
  10. The Wendy House.
    The Wendy House we had in our back garden was probably the ultimate thing of my childhood. Whenever my friends came over, we would always climb onto the roof and spy on our neighbours. Not that they ever did anything interesting, but we always tried to be like spies and not get caught. It probably didn’t ever work out in our favour, but we were kids, so we had an excuse!

So those are just a few of the things that stand out for me and scream NOSTALGIA whenever I look back on my childhood. Now I am going to tag the following blogs:

The Writing Hufflepuff

Avid Reader


Even if you haven’t been tagged but feel like you’d enjoy doing this challenge, then feel free! I want as many people as possible to reminisce about their childhood and share with the world the things they remember the most.

Good luck!

-The Storyteller


4 thoughts on “The Nostalgia Challenge”

  1. I’ve never had a slinky, but my mom bought one for my nephew (a rainbow one like yours) and it’s ALWAYS TANGLED UP AND WE CAN’T FIX IT. He still wants to play with it though (he doesn’t try to untangle it himself. He has his minions (us) for that haha)
    Oh God Tamagotchi’s haha. Now that you mention it, what indeed was fun about them?? I also had a similar toy that was in the shape of a house, in which lived a girl. I didn’t play with her for two weeks and then when I turned it on she was pissed and refused to do anything. Like what the hell???
    Scoobies!! They were a big hit here as well, except we called them Scooby Doos (I have no idea why).
    Thanks for tagging me! 🙂

    1. Haha I think we called them Scooby Doo’s for a bit, but then just shortened the name. The other thing I forgot to mention was that skipping and skipping ropes were majorly popular in my primary school. And we also had these things called Diablos which I have no idea how to explain….

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