Audi Wonderland

Hey guys!

I’ve been in Winchester for nearly a month now, and the main thing I’ve noticed, apart from the number of spiders that keep finding their way into my room, is the amount of Audi drivers there are here.

Winchester is a fairly wealthy area, so with that in mind I think it’s not very exciting because these people are probably all super rich anyway. I mean, seeing one or two Audi’s, for me, is normal. I won’t really think much of it. But I see at least three Audi’s every day. And these aren’t the only cars that have been making appearances here.

I’ve seen about three Jaguars, five Alfa Romeos, and I even saw a Lexus this morning on my way to campus. There have been a few Mercedes as well, so now whenever I drive around in my little Vauxhall Corsa, I feel like I’m part of the minority group of “normal car drivers”.

Don’t get me wrong, Winchester isn’t exclusive to Audis and Mercedes, but it’s just… weird. In Devon it would be incredible to see three Ferraris passing by in a row, but I’ve seen that here!ย It’s absolutely insane. I think overall I’ve seen four Ferraris but still. How are these people so rich? How do I join the club?

I’m not a car person. At all. If I see a nice car, I’ll be like “Oh wow, look at that car!” but that’ll be it in terms of my reaction to a super expensive car. I’ll wonder what it’s like to drive it, but I won’t just turn to my Corsa and hope not to be seen with it. My car gets me around, and that’s all I need at the moment. But when you’re at a junction, and there’s an angry Audi driver behind you, it does put the pressure on you a bit to not screw things up. I normally try to avoid eye contact if I miss a chance to join the traffic, but I can still feel the eyes of Angry Audi Driver looking at me with utter disgust…

I’m supposed to be finishing reading an essay by Wordsworth about criticism but I honestly can’t get myself to read through the whole thing. It’s so boring (no offense, Wordsworth). But I have read up about it and I know what it’s about, so I should hopefully be able to get through my seminar. Emphasis on hopefully.

Anyway guys, I need to head off else I’ll be late, so I will update you all real soon!

-The Storyteller


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