Fresher’s Fayre Haul 2015

Hey guys!

Today was the University Fresher’s Fayre. Or Fresher’s Fair (however you wish to spell it), and I knew even before I arrived at uni, which was nearly a whole week ago, that I would join way too many societies, and take home so many freebies.

I met up with two girls who were going to be my housemates, and the first thing we did was join the performing arts societies. I only ticked the boxes for “Let’s Act”, “Let’s Glee” and the one for the shows, because I can’t do tech, and I can’t dance either. Well, I can dance, but in the way that everyone can dance… you know? Like at a party and you’re just bobbing in the corner…

Then we had a look around and that was when all the free food started making its appearance. I don’t know how many sweets and chocolates I ate, but by the end of the afternoon and I was waiting in the queue for my free slice of dominoes pizza, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I found a table which was giving leaflets about earning money on open days by being a tour guide, and then we found the local theatre’s stand and there were leaflets about being a “Young Ambassador”, which is basically where you can get free tickets to selected shows if you advertise them or something… does this mean I can get a free ticket now? (I probably should have made some notes) Also, it’s apparently really good to put on your CV, because not only do you get free tickets, but you can help out at workshops, or you can do front of house things and there are loads of other volunteering opportunities.

Looking through the stuff I’ve got, I clearly was on a mission to find all the jobs, because I have a leaflet about working for the catering department, I have a thing about this volunteering module, as well as a whole notebook/diary on careers… I also picked up a number of volunteering leaflets for going abroad. One of them is called “Frontier”, which is about conservation and going to countries like Madagascar, or Central America and doing stuff there. I also got one called “Younite Outreach Project”, which involves volunteering in Africa (I think this year it will be in Kenya), and providing life skills and education to orphans and other children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The final volunteering leaflet I got (which was actually the first one I picked up, but is at the bottom of the pile) was one called “Romania Challenge”. It’s kind of in the title… If I did choose to go, I would be going to Romania for about 3 weeks, doing renovation work which supports the “Future Sense Foundation”. It also includes teaching key conversational English to the children through games and activities during their holidays. For most of these, you have to try and raise money before you go.

I also got a leaflet for a Camp America type thing, but I’ve now lost it… hang on… *frantically looks through piles of leaflets and freebies* Okay. It was in the wrong pile. (It was with the “random university based leaflets” pile instead of the “volunteering/careers based” pile) So this is Camp Counselors USA, which is basically helping out at an American summer camp. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, because I’ve only been to America once and I think doing a Camp America kind of activity would just be the most amount of fun, and it would also look great for future employers. (You can tell I’ve been to loads of these stands, because they’ve been telling me this all afternoon) This camp looks amazing because by the looks of it, you can choose a camp based on your own interests, such as sport, art, music etc.

If any of you are interested in doing some sort of volunteering activity either as part of your gap year, or during your holidays, I will leave links to the websites listed above at the end of the post. I just want to warn you that there may be age restrictions, but I still think it’s worth taking a look for future reference if you’re interested.

I also went to the sports tent, and got information about the university swimming club, as well as the local one (which apparently students can also go to). I mean, joining the swimming club was quite high up on my To-Do list, but it ended up being one of the last things I did, just because there was so much going on. I also joined an ultimate frisbee society, simply because when I got to the tent, the guy was insistent on throwing the frisbee at me (even though I told him multiple times that I can’t catch… and I ended up catching the frisbee!) I also joined the Rounders team, and the badminton team… and I think that was it…

The other things I joined/signed included the Sound Radio society, the Pole Dancing society (!) (don’t judge me, it was one of the first stands I went to.) and I also got a free bag full of Soapnut samples. If you haven’t heard of Soapnuts, they’re apparently really good for the environment and you can use the products as laundry detergent, normal body soap, and they are completely chemical free. They are also organic, vegan, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and phosphate free! Plus, they smell really good.

Did I mention the amount of free food I got? I got a free Pot Noodle pot, I a free Wagon Wheel (which I’ve never had before), many free sweets and chocolates, a free sample of beetroot… juice? Or was it a smoothie… and they were also giving out free samples of this really nice… oh what was it… it reminded me of stir fry, but it wasn’t a stir fry. It had these mini noodles in it, and I think it had soy sauce and it was so good. I’m now trying to resist the temptation of eating all the sweets I still have left over, because I want to save them. But I don’t think they’re going to last for more than 24 hours.

I think the best freebie I got was a folder! They were being thrown out, so this stall had a whole box under their table and were just giving them away, so I took one. It’s so good because I only brought one folder with me to university and now I have two. I also got a free pair of flip flops (or thongs to you Australian readers), which was perfect because Rufus, my One-Year-Old Welsh Terrier puppy ate my last two pairs.

That is the end of my first ever “haul” post! I really hope you enjoyed it, because I loved writing it and actually going to a Freshers Fayre. Make sure to tell me what you thought of it!

-The Storyteller

Camp Counselors USA

Challenges Abroad

Younite Outreach Project



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      1. Ok, now imma gonna have to educate you!!! You get the original which is the mallow sandwiched in between two biscuits covered in chocolate, or the jammy one which also has a jam centre in addition to the above!!!!

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